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Couch Pooper Puck

About a year ago a cat pooped on our brand new sofa and we assumed it was Chris. I even accused him in this post. We later realized it was Puck doing the bad deed (see here). We assumed he was doing it because the addition of the sofa interfered slightly with access to the litter boxes, so we moved them to a new location and the pooping stopped.

A couple of weeks ago the pooping started up again. I thought it was because our new addition, Floki, was adding to the amount of poop in the litter boxes and Puck didn’t like that. I scoop more often but it’s hard to keep up when I am sleeping or at work so we decided it was time for another litter box.

I went to PetSmart about two weeks ago on Sunday but their litter box choices were very poor. An employee told me a truck was coming in the next day but I needed something right away so I bought the biggest box that I could find, which my wife thought it was too small. I went back the next day but the selection was still terrible so I just returned it.

We went to a different PetSmart the following Saturday. I was looking for another Giant Litter Pan but the box in the center of the below picture was the best we could find. I should have just ordered it on Amazon since we waited almost a week just to settle for okay.

cat litter boxes

Since adding the new box, Puck has pooped on the sofa one time. I thought I might have to move the new box in front of it but I don’t want to do that so we will see if the badness continues.