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Photo Friday: More Outdoor Fun

Work was slow last Friday so I had the day off. Of course, when that happens I am not allowed to play all day and usually have a honey-do list that involves cleaning the house. I did have some free time though and decided to let Chris out for some fresh air.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Ahh… Grass eating time.

I didn’t want to let Puck out because he is such a pain to catch and bring back in but after seeing the look of rejection on his face I couldn’t refuse him.

Our cat Puck wanting to go outside.

You forgot me again!

Our cat Puck going outside

What? You’re letting me out? Oh boy!

Bad Cat Chris and Puck outside

C’mon Puck, let me show you how to have fun outside.

Bad Cat Chris outside

First, you have to get some sun on your belly.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Then we can build a fort.

Puck outside.

I don’t know Chris. I think I just want to go exploring.

I was glad they had a chance to be outside. Puck raced across the yard a few times getting exercise that is difficult to get indoors, although he does do some running around inside. Chris ate some grass, which he likes to do when he is outside. He caught a lizard too, which I did not get a picture of. Both had fun in a safe environment and, as predicted, puck gave me a run for my money when it was time to go inside.

Photo Friday: Party Cat

Here are some pictures from our cookout party on Saturday afternoon. As I mentioned in my last post, Stubborn Cat Chris, it was an all day struggle to keep an eye on Chris as he ran out the door every time someone opened it. I let him stay outside as long as I felt like watching him and then I would put him back in until the next time someone came through the door and it started all over again.

Bad Cat Chris on party table

Before the party even started Chris would not stay off the table we set up on the patio.

Bad Cat Chris lying in the dirt.

Of course, once out, Chris has to lie in the dirt.

Bad Cat Chris lying in the dirt.

No, wait! That last spot wasn’t dirty enough.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Hello in there. Come on out. I just want to play.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Time to explore.

Bad Cat Chris outside by pool

It looks like Chris failed to read rule #4.

Bad Cat Chris outside by pool

Maybe he read the rule but didn’t care.

Bad Cat Chris with fish

What would a cookout be without fish?

Bad Cat Chris outside

Chris finally decides to relax and watch the party. Do you see him under the chair?

Bad Cat Chris Dominates New Blog

I recently started a new blog at JustFurLaughs.com. It is dedicated to funny captioned animal photos. I am trying to get a new photo up everyday and I find myself looking hard to find a funny one without Chris in it. I have a great stockpile of cat photos as well as other animals but it seems like Chris stands out as the one usually involved in funny behavior.

I will give you a sneak peek at two photos that I have not published yet but are scheduled to appear in the next few days. Enjoy.

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