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Happy New Year 2018

Everyone here is resting up for the big New’s Years bash at our house which will consist of two humans and four cats, possibly three since Frankie wants to expend all his energy before the party.

cats resting

We want to wish all our readers a very happy New Year and a prosperous 2018.

Photo Friday: Party Cat

Here are some pictures from our cookout party on Saturday afternoon. As I mentioned in my last post, Stubborn Cat Chris, it was an all day struggle to keep an eye on Chris as he ran out the door every time someone opened it. I let him stay outside as long as I felt like watching him and then I would put him back in until the next time someone came through the door and it started all over again.

Bad Cat Chris on party table

Before the party even started Chris would not stay off the table we set up on the patio.

Bad Cat Chris lying in the dirt.

Of course, once out, Chris has to lie in the dirt.

Bad Cat Chris lying in the dirt.

No, wait! That last spot wasn’t dirty enough.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Hello in there. Come on out. I just want to play.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Time to explore.

Bad Cat Chris outside by pool

It looks like Chris failed to read rule #4.

Bad Cat Chris outside by pool

Maybe he read the rule but didn’t care.

Bad Cat Chris with fish

What would a cookout be without fish?

Bad Cat Chris outside

Chris finally decides to relax and watch the party. Do you see him under the chair?

Stubborn Cat Chris

We had a party Saturday afternoon for Rose’s staff. I moved the bikes outside and we put a table on the patio for food and refreshments. It was something different and too much for Chris to resist. He kept jumping on the table and we kept making him get down. But being a bad cat is in Chris’s nature so he would not stop getting on the table.

Bad Cat Chris on party table

Rose wanted me to put him in the house so I pulled him off the table twice and put him inside. After the second time she realized the cat door was still open. I knew it was open but I felt bad about locking him inside. Rose didn’t feel bad and closed the cat door. That only worked until the first guest arrived and then Chris was on the patio the first time the sliding door opened.

The patio was just the first step. From there it was outside. The party was an outdoor event so people were constantly coming in and out of the patio and our bad cat Chris was constantly going outside with them. I would usually let him stay out for a little while because it was easier to watch him outside then try to keep him inside.

Bad Cat Chris Outside

When I got tired of watching him I would put him back inside the patio. Sometimes I even put him in the house, but he would get out as soon as someone went inside to use the bathroom. He would then be completely outside when that person came back out. I sometimes feel like I have a two-year old child again.

It was a great party but it was also a long, exhausting day. I thought for sure Chris would be tired and let us sleep through the night. I thought wrong.