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Hypnotizing a Cat or How Men Don’t Read Directions

I know that men are stereotyped as people who don’t read directions and I certainly don’t want to promote that idea but when we got our Jackson Galaxy cat toys I did not read the directions. In fact, I opened the first one without even reading the name on the package. If I had I would have saw it was a “Ground Prey Wand.” “Ground” being the key word. If I read the label I would have known what to do right away. But alas, I didn’t read it, so I started swinging it around in the air like a crazy person with only mixed results.

I didn’t post the first video I took because I eventually read the package and realized I was supposed to drag it along the ground. Part of the video was a bit funny so I thought I would share it here.

What do you think of Floki?

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Air Prey and Ground Prey Wand Cat Toys

Last month we won a couple of Jackson Galaxy cat toys from Petmate and the Sweet Purrfections blog. They arrived recently to the delight of our boys.

cat Floki with Jackson Galaxy toys

One of the toys is called a Ground Prey Wand and is designed to be dragged along the ground to simulate a small animal, like a mouse. The other is an Air Prey Wand which, you guessed it, simulates a bird. (I added product links to Amazon instead of Petmate partially because I am an affiliate but mostly because the prices are less there.)

They seemed to like both toys, although the ground prey toy seemed to take a little longer to figure out.

The air prey toy, on the other hand, seemed to pull at their instincts right away.

Both toys did get their attention and I think it is good to have have a variety of toys so they don’t get bored with any one toy in particular.

What do you think?

New Life For Jackson Galaxy Bed

Last summer we won a Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell Bed from The Island Cats blog (read about it here). Chris and Floki both liked it and it was used until we got a heated cat bed from Art of Paws (read about that here). Chris and Floki both liked that bed too. Since it was summer I took the heating element out and put it on the coffee table and that eventually became Floki’s bed.

At one point the Jackson Galaxy bed must have been put away because I don’t remember seeing it at the old house for the last several months. Of course, I am not very observant either. When we got to our new home, my wife found it and put it in the Florida room, which is now the cats’ room. That is where Chris and Floki rediscovered it and are now spending a lot of time together sharing the bed.

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

They do have other interests too. As I was writing this the bed was empty and Floki was on the Art of Paws bed while Chris was on the desk hanging out with me.


Our Prize Arrived

A few weeks ago The Island Cats’ blog had a review and giveaway of some Petmate products designed by Jackson Galaxy, the star of the Animal Planet show, “My Cat From Hell.”

To my surprise, we were lucky enough to win. I got to choose between the “Comfy Clamshell Bed” and The Vault Marinator,” which is used to freshen up catnip toys. I thought the clamshell bed would be a great addition to our house so I chose that.

It was waiting at the door when I got home from work the other day The box was way bigger than expected, which was fine because . . . well, we have cats.

cats and box


cats and box

cats and box

Once I opened the box and took out the clamshell bed, the cats were torn between investigating the bed and the empty box.

The bed seems to be of a high quality and the fabric is very soft. Chris especially likes it, as you can see from the video.

open clamshell bedA pull of the strings easily turns it into a clamshell.closed clamshell bed

The bad thing about that is there is only room for one.
cat and clamshell bed

That means someone has to wait, whether they want to not.cats and clamshell bed

Floki and Chris were the most interested but Chris was the first to use it for what it was meant for, to lie in. Of course, he had to make some biscuits before doing that.

Floki was more interested in the strings.

I didn’t know this at the time but there is a pocket to put the strings to keep them from becoming toys, possibly dangerous toys.

I ended up putting the bed in its open position on our coffee table. Frankie, Floki and Puck mostly ignore it but Chris loves it. I see him on it often. He is on it as I write this.

cat on clamshell bed

Meanwhile, in the cats’ room . . .

cat and box

Catify to Satisfy Arrives

Recently we won the book Catify to Satisfy (by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin) from the blog The Cat on my Head. A package from Kitties Blue arrived the other day, sooner than expected.

I have been too busy to read it but I did flip through it and it looks like there are some great ideas for cat furniture and such. I am not the carpenter type so I will have to report on what can be done by dummies.

Cat Frankie and book Catisfy to Satisfy

When are you going to make us something, Dad?

Along with the book was a nice card from the gang.
cat card cat cardThe best part, for the cats anyway, was the package of catnip that was included as a special gift. They really loved it.
cats and catnip cats and catnip cat and catnip cats and catnip

Thank you to Janet and all the kitties, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lizabeth, and Calista Josette.