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Photo Friday: Separate Beds

I am not sure how Floki’s bed ended up next to Chris’s, it was probably moved while cleaning, but I thought it was cute seeing the two of them close together but still in their own space.

Photo Friday: Sharing

Chris loves napping in his bed by the window but Wednesday Floki was sleeping in it. I heard growling and hissing and looked to see Chris standing over Floki. I didn’t see what Chris did to him but I did see Floki leave the cat bed and then Chris lie down and take a nap. A little later I saw this.

I guess Chris knows how to share after all.

Cat Beds for All

Last week we took a drive to Parkersburg. It is about 45 minutes from home but if you need to do any serious shopping at a store that is not Walmart than that is where you need to go. I think we needed to go to Home Depot and Rose wanted to do some Christmas shopping at T.J. Maxx.

I bought Rose an Advent calendar a couple of years ago and gave her a gift for each day on the calendar, 24 in all. Now it has become a tradition so I need to come up with 24 gifts for her every December plus a birthday gift four days after Christmas. So I was happy to go to T.J. Maxx to look for gifts for her.

While I was looking I saw a cat bed there that looked pretty cozy. There was only one so I couldn’t get one for each of our cats but I wasn’t even sure if anyone would like it. They did.

Chris, of course, took it over.

Frankie and Floki did, eventually, get a turn.

After we moved in we let the cats sleep with us for several nights but Chris is far too annoying at night so now we have to close our door before we go to bed. I thought it would be nice if there were three cat beds outside our door so a few days ago I picked up two more while we were in Walmart. The new ones are a little bit smaller but Chris still manages to fit and he seems happy with them.

I have not yet seen all three cats enjoying the cat beds at the same time but I like to think that is where they are at night.

New Life For Jackson Galaxy Bed

Last summer we won a Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell Bed¬†from The Island Cats blog (read about it here). Chris and Floki both liked it and it was used until we got a heated cat bed from Art of Paws (read about that here). Chris and Floki both liked that bed too. Since it was summer I took the heating element out and put it on the coffee table and that eventually became Floki’s bed.

At one point the Jackson Galaxy bed must have been put away because I don’t remember seeing it at the old house for the last several months. Of course, I am not very observant either. When we got to our new home, my wife found it and put it in the Florida room, which is now the cats’ room. That is where Chris and Floki rediscovered it and are now spending a lot of time together sharing the bed.

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

cats on Jackson Galaxy cat bed

They do have other interests too. As I was writing this the bed was empty and Floki was on the Art of Paws bed while Chris was on the desk hanging out with me.