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Our New Ginger Neighbor

New people moved in next door recently and Frankie and Chris were not happy about the dog that moved in with them.

cat and dog cat and dog
cat Chris

Maybe they think there are enough gingers here already.


Photo Friday: Basket Case

Rose keeps a basket by her work area that she uses for trash. The other day Rose emptied the basket and set it on the kitchen cart temporarily. Frankie immediately jumped on the cart, tipped the basket over, then got inside.

Kiss a Ginger Day

Today is Kiss a Ginger Day. It was started in 2009 as part of a Facebook group by Derek Forgie. He wanted to counter the “Kick a Ginger” day that takes place in November. It was meant for Ginger humans but why not cats too?

Here are pictures of Frankie and me from a couple of years ago. I thought I shared these already but it seems I did not. Technically, Frankie is more blonde than Ginger but let’s not split Ginger hairs. Besides, Chris is ginger so I’ll just give him a kiss today.

kiss a ginger cat

kiss a ginger cat

Did you kiss a ginger today?