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Photo Friday: Packed and Ready to Go

This is almost a repeat of last week’s post with Chris and Puck on Rose’s suitcase. She left for a business trip to Las Vegas the Sunday before last. Since her trip was already paid for and since I hadn’t seen my mother and sister in several years, we thought it would be a good idea for Rose to extend her stay and for me to fly to Las Vegas. My mother and sister live near Phoenix and planned to drive, with their husbands,  to meet us.

While I was packing, Puck did what cats always do when a suitcase is out, he climbed inside.

Cat Puck in Suitcase

Does anyone have a cat that does not do this?


Photo Friday: The Detailing

In our house, when one cat washes another cat, we say he is getting a detailing.

Rose left for a business trip to San Diego on Monday and Chris and Puck settled in on her suitcase, perhaps thinking she would take them with.

cats on suitcase