New Beds

We had a couple of cat beds on the cat trees in the Florida room. My wife decided it was time to wash them so I put them in the washing machine. When I took them out I noticed one of them was ripped pretty bad so I had to throw it away.

Last weekend we were in Marshall’s and they had and entire row of shelves, on both sides, with just pet beds. I picked out a good size rectangular bed for Chris but Rose wanted to get an extra one for Floki so we bought a smaller round one for him.

When we got home I didn’t want to put the beds on the cat trees right away because Rose had put something else down when she removed the beds. I don’t remember if they were folded up blankets or what but I thought I would wait until those needed washing before replacing them with the beds. Without knowing what to do with the beds, I put Chris’s bed on the Floor in the living room. Almost immediately Chriswas nappingin his new bed..

I changed my mind about replacing the blankets and put the good washed bed and Floki’s bet out in the Florida room.

They went unnoticed. Instead, Floki took over Chris’s bed when he got up.

We felt that because Chris is old and doesn’t like to jump anymore he would prefer his bed on the floor. So we decided to keep his bed there and put Floki’s bed next to his since Floki likes to hang out with Chris. What we didn’t expect was that the cats wouldn’t understand who’s bed belongs to who.

Since they are cats, I should not have expected anything different.


30 thoughts on “New Beds

  1. onespoiledcat

    I think they’re happy in a snuggly bed of any size, put anywhere, as long as they have it all to themselves – Teddy squeezes into some of his old beds sometimes and ignores the bigger ones AND vice versa. They do keep us on our toes!

    Hugs, Pam

      1. The Hinoeuma

        Yeah. I have that trouble with Ollie. Find something he likes to eat and, soon enough, he doesn’t want it anymore. I guess it is a hunting in the wild variety thing…that and, commercial cat food is processed. Wild mice are not.

        On beds, Ollie was given one comfy kitty bed…and he peed in it. To him, it was a cat box. He sleeps on OUR bed, naps in chairs or just passes out on the floor on his back. He also likes to sleep on top of me when I stretch out on the couch.


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