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Photo Friday: Morning Nap

I saved this photo from yesterday’s post because I thought it was a very cute photo of Frankie and deserved its own page. Isn’t it so cute when cats show their bellies when they sleep.

cat in sun

Morning Sunbathing

Cats, like humans, follow a routine. Our cats are no different. Our catio has awnings that block the sun most of the day but there is a great chance to catch some rays after the sun comes up and all our cats usually take advantage of that. In fact, as I write this, Chris and Puck are lying in the sunbeam. I don’t know where Frankie is off to now but he is usually here to enjoy the sun.

Cats in the sun

Cats in the sunCats in the sun Cats in the sun Cats in the sun Cats in the sun Cats in the sun