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Photo Friday: Morning Nap

Our Florida room is the perfect place to have a nice nap in the morning sun.

You would think that our cats would learn this and hang out here every morning, but cats can be unpredictable. As I write this on Thursday morning, all three boys are in the sunless spare bedroom.

Chris’s Other Routines

Chris bothers Rose every morning while she is in the bathroom getting ready for work. That is one routine that I have already talked about on this blog. The truth is, Chris can be a creature of habit and his behavior can be quite predictable throughout the day.

For example, almost every day when I get out of the shower I can count on Chris to be there waiting for me. I don’t even get a chance to dry myself before he is trying to climb on my shoulders. Once he is up there it is very difficult to comb my hair, shave and brush my teeth. His cue to get off is when I brush my teeth and lean over to rinse my mouth.

He is also right there looking out the window by the front door when we get home from work. When I open the door I can count on him to try to run outside. He has learned some cleaver maneuvers and is getting by me more often now.

What I really find interesting is a habit that Rose noticed recently. When we sit down to watch TV, Rose puts a pillow on her lap and Chris lies on the pillow, but before he does that, he walks over her lap to me, kneads on my stomach for ten seconds and then walks back and lies on the pillow.

He does this every time. I never noticed it before. Perhaps he comes to me as if to say, “hey, I like you too so don’t get jealous.” Maybe he is just obsessive compulsive. I don’t know.

Does anyone else have a cat with a cute or funny routine? I’d love to hear about it.

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Chris’s Stolen Routine

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Chris Recaptures Routine

A several months ago I wrote about Chris’s Stolen Routine. In that post I mentioned that Chris had a morning routine that involved hanging out with Rose and bothering her while she got herself ready for work. That routine was taken over by Puck and Chris just let it go until we moved into our current home. Now, Chris is back up on the counter every morning interfering with Rose’s routine.

Bad Cat Chris on bathroom counter.

Chris taking up valuable counter space while Puck is back to jealous spectator.

This time around Puck is not able to intimidate Chris into giving up his spot. Unfortunately for Rose, the bathroom counter is much smaller that it was in our last home so it is even more difficult for her to get ready while Chris is playing with her make-up. He even knocked over a full cup of coffee a few days ago, soaking most of the counter, including her brushes.

As we were cleaning up the mess she told me that if I wasn’t around she would get rid of Chris. I’m sure that was the frustration talking because he is so darn lovable.

Chris’s Stolen Routine

I mentioned this briefly in my post, Jealousy but I wanted to expand on this issue. Chris used to have a routine in the morning of hanging out with Rose in the bathroom while she got ready to start her day. He would lie on the counter in front of her, occasionally grabbing her makeup or whatever else she happened to be using and pulling it up against his chest. Sometimes he would collect three or four things before Rose would be forced to retrieve them. This would go on until she turned on the hair dryer, which was Chris’s cue to make a quick exit.

20121027_Puck_507When we got our kitten Puck, everything changed. Suddenly Puck would be the first one up on the counter and when Chris came up for his routine, he would take one look at Puck and go back downstairs. I felt bad for Chris but Rose found Puck to be a little easier to deal with.

At first Puck would steal a cotton swab, play with it for a while, then come back for another cotton swab. Much of this playing took place on the bathroom floor, so it was not really a problem. Along with the cotton swabs, he also had a particular mouse he liked to play with. Now, while he still plays with cotton swabs from time to time, his mouse has become the center of much annoyance for Rose.

I very much want to get a video of him and his mouse but Rose does not want to be recorded while getting ready for work. Too bad, because nobody would believe it otherwise. Puck jumps on the counter with his mouse and drops it in the basket that Rose has some of her stuff in. He then waits for Rose to throw the mouse in the bedroom. When she does that, Puck races to retrieve the mouse and then brings it back and drops it in the basket again.

This goes on until Rose gets tired of it and stops playing, but when she does that, Puck pushes on her hand and tries to get her to throw the mouse again. You can imagine how difficult it would be to get ready for work that way. The obvious solution would be to turn on the hair dryer and scare him off, but he is not bothered by it in the slightest. Now Rose is longing to have Chris back on the counter with her.

I would like to see that happen too, but dispute the loss of one routine, or perhaps because of it, he has developed another. He now lies on the back of my chair while I write blog posts.

Update: I did get a video of Puck playing fetch. Here it is.