Rose and I discussed getting a playmate for Chris since shortly after we got him. He has so much energy and always wants to play, but until recently our other cats didn’t want to play with him. That changed when we got our new kitten, Puck. He has turned out to be a great playmate for Chris. They spend a good part of the day pouncing on each other or chasing each other. Sometimes I even see them washing each other.

There is, however, a darker side of this relationship: jealousy. Whenever puck comes to Rose or me for attention, Chris is sure to show up seconds later. occasionally the opposite happens. Puck will come to us second and then Chris will leave, presumably in disgust.

Keep in mind that I have a hard enough time trying to figure people out so interpreting the behavior of another species could be beyond my ability.  Nevertheless, I feel Chris is the Alpha male in the house and he feels threatened by the kitten.

I have seen behavior from Chris that is different now than it was before Puck showed up. For example, he sometimes will grab Puck or Tigger by the scruff of the neck and hold them down for an extended period, as if he is reminding them who is the boss.

There is also something that he does not do that somewhat bothers me. Rose gets ready for work every morning by sitting at the counter in the bathroom. Chris used to lay on the counter while she got ready. He was somewhat of a nuisance for her but also a source of entertainment. He would lie there and grab her makeup or whatever he could get his paws on and pull it toward him.

Now Puck has taken over his spot so Chris usually just avoids the bathroom in the morning. That makes me feel bad because that was part of his routine that was taken away from him. Of course, Chris could easily take that spot back if he wanted to, so I am not sure why I feel bad about it. Perhaps it is because he does not want to take it back.

Puck takes over Chris's spot

Puck takes over Chris’s spot

All things considered, Chris is generally a happy cat and I believe puck has added to his life more than he has taken. Eventually, Chris will reestablish his dominance and all will be right with the world. Well…maybe not the world.

13 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Deziz World

    Yeah mommy sez she has gone fwu this a few times wiff sis Lexi since she be da oldest. Bein’ service cats mommy has to have 2 of us and so Lexi has had a few bwofurs and now me hers little sisfur. At furst me twied to take over sum of sissy’s spots, but mommy sed know and shooed me to anuvver spot. Like sis Lexi always gets to lay on da vanity in da pawdee box room when mommy be in there. Well me got there furst wiff sissy on meez paws and mommy moved me to da shower chair so sissy kuld have hers spot. Me gets to lay there after sissy gets bored and leaves, so we get da best of boff worlds. And even tho weez rather large kitties mommy makes us share hers lap ifin we boff wanna be there at da same time. Guess it;s not so bad. We awe livin’ da good life. MOL weez glad Puck has bwought joy fur Chris and mommy sez da jealousy won’t last furever.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

      1. Deziz World

        Yeah she is, but she was 10 years old when me joined da furmily, and mommy bottle fed us boff. Mommy sez there ain’t two more spoiled kitties in da universe than us. Weez not know what dat means, but weez like our livin’ arrangements. MOL

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi


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