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Frankie Marches to the Beat of a Different Drummer

I think every cat is a little quirky in one way or another. This short video shows Frankie’s quirk.

Our cat Frankie treading.

Frankie’s Making Biscuits

Frankie has this very cute habit of holding a blanket in his mouth and kneading. He especially likes our fleece blankets. We have one on the bed in the back bedroom that always seems to be messed up when we get home in the evening. One night we even found the blanket in the living room.

While I was up late on New Year’s Eve, I noticed Frankie was making biscuits on the bed. I don’t know how long he was doing it before I saw him but I recorded him for over ten minutes after I noticed him. Here is a shortened version of that video.

We call it “marching” in our house but most people call it “making biscuits,” “kneading,” “treading” or some variation. What do you call it?

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Chris’s Other Routines

Chris bothers Rose every morning while she is in the bathroom getting ready for work. That is one routine that I have already talked about on this blog. The truth is, Chris can be a creature of habit and his behavior can be quite predictable throughout the day.

For example, almost every day when I get out of the shower I can count on Chris to be there waiting for me. I don’t even get a chance to dry myself before he is trying to climb on my shoulders. Once he is up there it is very difficult to comb my hair, shave and brush my teeth. His cue to get off is when I brush my teeth and lean over to rinse my mouth.

He is also right there looking out the window by the front door when we get home from work. When I open the door I can count on him to try to run outside. He has learned some cleaver maneuvers and is getting by me more often now.

What I really find interesting is a habit that Rose noticed recently. When we sit down to watch TV, Rose puts a pillow on her lap and Chris lies on the pillow, but before he does that, he walks over her lap to me, kneads on my stomach for ten seconds and then walks back and lies on the pillow.

He does this every time. I never noticed it before. Perhaps he comes to me as if to say, “hey, I like you too so don’t get jealous.” Maybe he is just obsessive compulsive. I don’t know.

Does anyone else have a cat with a cute or funny routine? I’d love to hear about it.

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