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Come to Mama

The other night my wife and I were sitting in bed, winding down before bedtime. Frankie was on my lap like he often is.

This is a photo from last year.

Rose looked at him and said something like, “Do you know that Frankie never lies on my lap? Not ever. And I’m the one that saved him.”

It’s true. We adopted Puck for Rose but Puck took to me more so she wanted her own cat. . . again. When we found Frankie he let Rose hold him and snuggled up to her enough to win her over and get adopted. After that, he was my cat

So, while Frankie was on my lap, Rose said to him, “Frankie, you come see Mama! C’mon Frankie, come to Mama.”

Then, as if he understood English, he got off my lap, walked over to Rose and let her pet him for about eight seconds, then walked back and got on my lap again.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Photo Friday: How to Make Mom Jealous

We adopted Puck for my wife but he then tended to be more my cat. We then adopted Frankie for her and the same thing happened. Finally we adopted Floki for Rose and I was told not to be nice to him. Of course, I would never be mean to any cat but Floki has been Rose’s cat since he was a kitten. He comes to me for attention sometimes but he wants attention from Rose even more.

Since we moved to our new home, and I think even before that, Floki has been spending more time on my lap. This does not go over well with his mom, especially when she looks over and sees three cats on my lap.

Photo Friday: Don’t Tell the Mom

My wife would be very jealous if she knew who was spending time with me while she was on her business trips.

Our cats have always been drawn to me more than anyone else in the house, for some reason. So when Floki chose her over me for his number one she became very proud of herself. She likes showing off how sometimes Floki will let her hold him. It’s a real stick out your tongue moment. She would not be happy if she knew what he was doing during he absence.

Siamese cat sleeping on lap

That’s My Lap

Some say cats don’t feel jealousy but I don’t believe it. Chris shows every sign of being more jealous than almost any human I know.  A good example of that would be when another cat lies on my lap. If Chris sees that, he will immediately get on my lap too and he always places himself between me and the other cat.

Cats Chris and Frankie

The good news is that Chris is not mean about it. It’s not like he caught his wife with another man. It is more like he caught his wife with the last bag of potato chips and he wants her to share before they are gone.

By the way, my blog post about my vacation is finally out. If anyone is interested, click here.