Photo Friday: Mr. Needy

We call Chris Mr. Needy because he always needs to be touching someone. Some cats need to be an only cat but Chris could never survive without company.

cats Chris and Frankie


20 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Mr. Needy

  1. weggieboy

    My two prefer to pass in the night, spo to speak, though they are brothers. I think ginger tabbies tend to be more social and “needy”, making them lovely kitties to have around! (I hadf a ginger tabby I called Louie. Louie was a huge kitty boy – almost 24 pounds of solid muscle! He thought of himself as a kitten, I think, because he had a habit of hopping onto my lap, a painful poroposition until I learned to always have a pillow on my lap, just in case Louie came by! Once, when I was in my comp-uter chair, he hopped in my lap and we both fell backwards in the chair. He was a great kitty, and is much missed even 7-1/2 years after he died.)

      1. weggieboy

        Oh dear! I know the feeling, though. Louie was one of those cats that walked up and down my body whern he thought it was time to feed the kitty. When that didn’t work, he’d put his butt in my face and wag his tail on my head. That usually did it! Ugh! His successor kitties, Andy and Dougy, have similar strategies, but they are half the size. Until Dougy puts his fuzzy Persian butt in my face and wags his feather duster tail on my head, I generally can ignore him at kitty feeding time!

  2. onespoiledcat

    I’m not sure how Teddy would be with another cat as far as needing to be close……he’s not needing to be close to me or David – Sammy loved to be on my lap or legs. My two ginger boys like night and day. It does make for some sweet photos when you have a “needy” cat though!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Summer

    None of us are quite that “needy.” Binga and I have our moments, but I think Binga actually prefers snuggling with the humans. Boodie kind of does her own thing.


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