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Monopolizing the Game

My wife invited four of our friends for dinner on Saturday night as a quasi house-warming party. She thought it would be a good idea to have some board games that we could play so we bought Monopoly and Yahtzee. The opportunity to play never came up on Saturday but the next day Rose challenged me to a game of Monopoly.

Everything went well for a while but then Chris jumped onto the table and lied down on top of the board after walking over my money and messing it up. I picked him up and put him down on the floor but he jumped up on the table again. This time he lied down off to the side a bit so I thought it would be better to leave him there than to constantly play the game of up-down. I was wrong. He started swishing his tail and Rose’s houses went flying so down he went.

cat Chris on Monopoly game

He didn’t get back up, probably because Floki was now on the table wondering what was going on.

Since nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, Frankie had to get up on the table to investigate.

Eventually, when all our cats were done monopolizing our game, we were able to play again. Naturally, I won but don’t tell Rose I told you. Shhh.

A similar thing happened years ago with Tigger while playing Monopoly. You can see that here on my blog Just Fur Laughs.


Photo Friday: Frankie’s First Foray Outside

The weather was so beautiful last weekend that I decided to let Chris and Puck outside for a little exercise. I felt bad about leaving Frankie inside but I was not sure about what he would do once outside. I also did not feel comfortable trying to watch three cats at once.

Our cats Chris and Puck outside with Frankie inside.

C’mon Puck. What are you waiting for?
Our cats Chris, Puck and Frankie.

I see you having fun out there!

Our cats Chris and Puck

Okay! Enough pictures already!

Egret in our back yard

Looks like this isn’t a good time to ask for hot dogs.

Our cat Frankie watching Chris and Puck from inside

What about me?

Our cats Chris and Puck behind patio.

Chris: Puck. I think I found a way in. Puck: What do you want to get in for? Chris: Oh yeah, you got a point.

Our cats Chris and Puck and Frankie

C’mon guys, let me out.

After a few minutes, Rose came out and said I should let Frankie out too. I told her I would be happy to but I needed her help to watch them. So Rose agreed to stay outside and help babysit.

We opened the door to let Frankie out but he was hesitant at first.

Our cats Chris and Frankie

Okay Frankie. You can play with us if you want to,

Our cats Chris and Frankie Outside.

Come on Frankie. It’s great out here.

Our cats Chris and Frankie Outside.

Are you sure it is safe?

Our cats Chris and Frankie Outside.

Okay, here I go.

Our cat Frankie Outside.

I’m outside! This is great!

Our cat Frankie Outside.

There’s so much to do. Where do I start?

Our cat Frankie Outside.

I think this is where work is done. I don’t want to go in there.

Our cats Frankie and Puck Outside.

Oh Frankie! You need to do a better job cleaning your ears.

Our cat Frankie and Outside.

No, this isn’t catnip.

After doing a little exploring close to home, Frankie decided to venture further away. This is when I had to stop taking pictures and pay attention. I put myself between him and the far side of the yard, hoping to encourage him to turn around. It didn’t work. He slipped past me and started heading for the other side of the property.

Our building has six units. We live on the side closest to the marina and that is the side I am familiar with. There is a fence and a gate on each side but I only ever use the one side so I don’t really know what is on the other side. On our side there is a wall that separates the Marina from our property. My only concern there is that Chris will crawl under the gate (which he has done), but even then he has a long way to go to get out of my sight. We also have a padlock on the gate that can be a bit of a hassle because the numbers are hard to read for an old guy like me.

The other side borders a large condo building and, until Frankie started heading toward it, I never noticed the fence had gaps big enough for a cat to walk through. I yelled to Rose that I needed her help but she was not there. She went inside the house.

Frankie did just what I thought he was going to do. He ran straight to the fence and walked right through. I thought about running back into the house to tell Rose I needed help but instead I headed for the gate to walk around the fence. I forgot about the lock so I had to fumble with the combination. that is when I learned that the numbers were different on that padlock.

I quickly ran back to the house, told Rose I needed help and headed  out the front door.  I hurried back over to the condo property to look for Frankie. When I got there I saw him between cars and when I approached he walked through the fence to our side. This is exactly what Chris would do to me at our last Condo (see here – coincidently, if you follow this link and click on the second photo and enlarge it, you can see our current home).

I walked all the way back around to our side only to see him walk through the fence again. To casual observer, this must have seemed funny, but I was not amused. So back around I went only to have him disappear through the fence again. This time Rose scooped him up and put an end to the games. I have a feeling that outside time just got more difficult.

The Fun Sport of Moving

A few weeks ago we decided to move yet again. We were living in the apartment community that Rose manages because of convenience and because of a thirty percent rent discount. The property was bought by another company last week and the new company does not give rent discounts so we decided we would be better off living where we could enjoy living.

We found a place close to where we used to live in Dunedin and spent the next couple of weeks packing. The house was essentially turned upside-down and we had boxes and other things piled high in the dining room and bedroom. Puck wasn’t sure what to make of the disruption but for Chris, it was an early Christmas.

d Cat Chris on top of boxes

There was so much to get into. Piles of boxes to climb, open cabinets to jump into, closets with high, empty shelves. It was the sport of getting into trouble and Chris was at the peak of his game. Even Puck got into the game at times.

Puck and Chris investigating closet

On moving day we locked Chris and Puck in the bathroom and then when the movers were done we brought them to our new home and shut them in the bathroom until all our stuff was inside. The whole process took only three hours. When they were let out, Puck was nervous and hid but Chris was like an explorer who just discovered “The New World.” He investigated every part of every room, from top to bottom.

Bad Cat Chris jumping from mattress

Eventually Puck got used to his new surroundings and now both he and Chris seem quite happy in the new place. We are too.