The Fun Sport of Moving

A few weeks ago we decided to move yet again. We were living in the apartment community that Rose manages because of convenience and because of a thirty percent rent discount. The property was bought by another company last week and the new company does not give rent discounts so we decided we would be better off living where we could enjoy living.

We found a place close to where we used to live in Dunedin and spent the next couple of weeks packing. The house was essentially turned upside-down and we had boxes and other things piled high in the dining room and bedroom. Puck wasn’t sure what to make of the disruption but for Chris, it was an early Christmas.

d Cat Chris on top of boxes

There was so much to get into. Piles of boxes to climb, open cabinets to jump into, closets with high, empty shelves. It was the sport of getting into trouble and Chris was at the peak of his game. Even Puck got into the game at times.

Puck and Chris investigating closet

On moving day we locked Chris and Puck in the bathroom and then when the movers were done we brought them to our new home and shut them in the bathroom until all our stuff was inside. The whole process took only three hours. When they were let out, Puck was nervous and hid but Chris was like an explorer who just discovered “The New World.” He investigated every part of every room, from top to bottom.

Bad Cat Chris jumping from mattress

Eventually Puck got used to his new surroundings and now both he and Chris seem quite happy in the new place. We are too.


2 thoughts on “The Fun Sport of Moving

  1. Colleen

    I think Chris and Mr. Whitey are related… ! I love their curiosity ! Hope you enjoy your new abode !


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