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Monopolizing the Game

My wife invited four of our friends for dinner on Saturday night as a quasi house-warming party. She thought it would be a good idea to have some board games that we could play so we bought Monopoly and Yahtzee. The opportunity to play never came up on Saturday but the next day Rose challenged me to a game of Monopoly.

Everything went well for a while but then Chris jumped onto the table and lied down on top of the board after walking over my money and messing it up. I picked him up and put him down on the floor but he jumped up on the table again. This time he lied down off to the side a bit so I thought it would be better to leave him there than to constantly play the game of up-down. I was wrong. He started swishing his tail and Rose’s houses went flying so down he went.

cat Chris on Monopoly game

He didn’t get back up, probably because Floki was now on the table wondering what was going on.

Since nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, Frankie had to get up on the table to investigate.

Eventually, when all our cats were done monopolizing our game, we were able to play again. Naturally, I won but don’t tell Rose I told you. Shhh.

A similar thing happened years ago with Tigger while playing Monopoly. You can see that here on my blog Just Fur Laughs.