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Precious Cat

My father-in-law had planned to come to our house for Thanksgiving but ended up in the hospital on Wednesday. Fortunately, it wasn’t too serious and he was released on Friday. Rose thought it would be a good idea to go see him so we packed some Thanksgiving leftovers and drove to the other coast.

We stopped to see him before going to our hotel in Melbourne. While Rose was outside talking to her dad, I went inside to see the cat.

Her name is Precious and she is a very friendly ginger girl. She was happy to have me pet her while she purred and rubbed her face on my hand. I felt guilty leaving her but I didn’t want to be antisocial.

If anything happens to Rose’s Dad or if it becomes too difficult for him to take care of her, she will become our cat. Of course, we don’t need four cats but I’m happy she is a friendly girl.

Cat at Petsmart Desperate for Attention

I bought cat litter this morning at Petsmart and couldn’t help but check out the cats in their adoption center. I had no intention of adopting a cat today but I feel bad that they are stuck in small cages so I thought they might like a little attention. I could not have imagined how desperate one of the cats there was for that attention.

She is an 11-month-old female and she really needs a home. The one-year-old male next to her was also needing attention but he was not as obvious about it.

This cat is at the North Clearwater, Florida location. If anyone is in the area and is looking for a pet, I think she would be a great choice. If you know someone in the Tampa Bay area that might be interested, please share.

A Not-So-Friendly Meeting With The Neighbor Cat

When I took Frankie for a walk on Saturday (after he smelled my tires thoroughly) he walked right past the neighbor cats who were watching him from the window. Frankie pretended not to notice and walked on by.

On the way back I had to carry him because he rarely comes back on his own. As we passed the neighbor’s house, I could see one of the cats looking out the window near the door. The other cat was further away looking out a different window. I put Frankie down on the sidewalk in front of their house just to see what he would do. As expected, he walked right up to the nearest kitty to say hello.

Frankie and neighbor cat

I thought Frankie was a gentlecat but the female cat inside was not buying his pickup line and he was greeted with a lot of hissing. Fearing the neighbor lady would hear that and think (or know) I was contributing to this invasion of privacy, I quickly picked up Frankie and brought him home. That was close.