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Kitten Season

I saw these kittens at my local PetSmart on Thursday. It’s amazing how many need homes. The funny thing is, I was most attracted to the only cat that wasn’t a kitten. She is a Russian Blue with no age listed. Too bad I am already over my cat limit.

These kittens are at the PetSmart in Largo, Florida if anyone is interested.

Cat at Petsmart Desperate for Attention

I bought cat litter this morning at Petsmart and couldn’t help but check out the cats in their adoption center. I had no intention of adopting a cat today but I feel bad that they are stuck in small cages so I thought they might like a little attention. I could not have imagined how desperate one of the cats there was for that attention.

She is an 11-month-old female and she really needs a home. The one-year-old male next to her was also needing attention but he was not as obvious about it.

This cat is at the North Clearwater, Florida location. If anyone is in the area and is looking for a pet, I think she would be a great choice. If you know someone in the Tampa Bay area that might be interested, please share.

New Cat… Almost

The Sunday before last, Rose and I were in PetSmart buying cat food. Of course, we can’t go there without looking at the cats that are up for adoption and then feeling bad because we can’t save the world.



This particular day we saw a cat named Frankie. He was the largest domestic cat I had ever seen in person. He seemed to be the size of a bobcat but with different markings. His description said something about him being gentle and not to worry about his size.  Rose noticed he had deep blue eyes and basically fell in love with him right there. There was nobody working in the adoption center at that time so we took it as a sign that maybe we shouldn’t rush into getting another cat.

Chris has needed another playmate (napmate actually) since Tigger died and after thinking about it for a day Rose decided she wanted to adopt him. It was too late to call Monday night but Tuesday Morning Rose called the Oldsmar PetSmart and talked to someone who, let’s just say, did not impress her very much. She was given a phone number that turned out to be wrong.

I ended up calling PetSmart and got the correct number. It was for a cat rescue group called Here Kitty Kitty Adoptions. I spoke with a nice couple, first the wife and then the husband, who told me Frankie was removed from the shelter because of a slight health concern and that he had a possible adopter but they wouldn’t know for certain until that Thursday.

I’m not sure why but somehow things become more desirable when there is competition for it. That is what happened here while we were waiting for Thursday to come. Rose decided that she didn’t want any other cat but Frankie, even though we had only seen him through a window.

It didn’t help when I saw he was listed as a snowshoe. I never heard of of the breed so I looked it up on Wikipedia. The article states: “Snowshoes were first produced in Philadelphia when a Siamese breeder’s cat gave birth to three kittens with white feet. The breeder, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty, then began a breeding program to produce what were originally called “Silver Laces”,[1] crossing the strangely marked Siamese cats with bi-color American Shorthair cats and other breeds.”

This made us even more interested and we were disappointed when we heard the news that he was adopted. I then looked up snowshoe cats to see if any others were for adoption to no avail. I only found breeders and I won’t buy a cat from a breeder when there are so many cats in shelters that need a home. Besides, I have not found one breed of cat to be better than another. They are all individuals with distinct personalities.

Since that ordeal is now over, I think we need to focus on getting a cat that can put up with Chris’s annoying behavior. Like I said before, Puck will play with him but he won’t nap with him and I think Chris needs physical contact. He has become very needy lately and it is even difficult to write this post because he is on the desk looking for attention.

The problem we have now is that the property Rose manages is being sold and we do not have confirmation that the new company will retain the staff. It is pretty certain that they will but if they don’t, another cat could be a problem. I think we will know pretty soon.

Decisions, decisions

Volunteering at the Sav-R-Cats shelter was nice because I finally felt like I could be useful and help get cats adopted. My primary job was to photograph the cats and put them on petfinder.com. That was difficult at first because it had been awhile since anyone had done it and nobody knew the username, password and other important information. Eventually I got that working and I also revamped their website, sav-r-cats.com.

Rose came to visit the shelter a couple times and took interest in a cat named Kinsey. He was a very friendly cat that would jump onto the shoulders of visitors to the shelter. It was as if he was saying “adopt me” to anyone who would listen. We would have taken him in but we were not ready for another cat.


Eventually I started filling in at the Myrtle Beach Petsmart in the morning when they needed someone to clean the cages. They had cats in there on a rotating basis with two other shelters in the area. The cages at Petsmart have small openings between each “cubicle” on the same row. These opening can be shut so the cats are separated from one another or they can be opened to allow multiple cats to visit with each other and share the space. The later is how it was set up one morning when I let all the cats from one row out while I was cleaning.

Not much time had passed when I suddenly felt sharp claws digging into my back. It was a gold kitten who had jumped straight up from the floor to get on my shoulders. He was purring and licking my ear. He then started biting my ear and rubbing his face on my cheek. He then moved around to my nose and started biting my nose. I later found out his name was Chris and told my wife about him when I got home. I thought she would be interested because since getting Tigger, we had discovered that gold cats seemed to be friendlier than average.

Not long after that, around the beginning of October, Rose came to the shelter to visit Chris. He did not disappoint and showered her with attention like he did to me that first meeting. Alas, we still were not ready for another cat, partially because we had a cruise coming up.

Chris meets Rose

Not long after we returned from the cruise, Rose had to go to Alabama to attend a meeting. While she was there, I was at the shelter for another reason and was again warmly greeted by Chris, who seemed at the time like he was a relatively good cat. If only I knew then what I know now… Who am I kidding? I would still adopt him but I not so sure Rose would. Anyway, while I was there, someone used my phone to photograph Chris and I, which I sent to Rose with the message “Can we keep him?”

Can we keep him?

I believe the response was in the affirmative but I wanted to wait for her to see him once again and share in the decision, just in case it was a bad one.

Rose got home from her trip on Friday, November 13 and the next day we went to the shelter to make the final decision. Next time I’ll talk about the big day. I hope you will join me again.