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Precious Cat

My father-in-law had planned to come to our house for Thanksgiving but ended up in the hospital on Wednesday. Fortunately, it wasn’t too serious and he was released on Friday. Rose thought it would be a good idea to go see him so we packed some Thanksgiving leftovers and drove to the other coast.

We stopped to see him before going to our hotel in Melbourne. While Rose was outside talking to her dad, I went inside to see the cat.

Her name is Precious and she is a very friendly ginger girl. She was happy to have me pet her while she purred and rubbed her face on my hand. I felt guilty leaving her but I didn’t want to be antisocial.

If anything happens to Rose’s Dad or if it becomes too difficult for him to take care of her, she will become our cat. Of course, we don’t need four cats but I’m happy she is a friendly girl.