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Photo Friday: Let Sleeping Cats Lie

During my last volunteer shift at the shelter, one of the kittens fell asleep on my lap.

I had other cats to visit so I couldn’t stay there all day but I was also hesitant to move and wake him up. Since I had already been in that pod for quite some time before he fell asleep, I decided to let him sleep for five more minutes but then I had to move on.

Frankie’s Favorite Spot Becomes Permanent

Rose bought a sectional sofa from Babcock near the end of 2017. I am sure it was expensive but I never wanted to know how much she paid, given my aversion to spending money on stuff we don’t need. Nevertheless, it is a comfortable sofa and Frankie loves lying at my feet when I have the footrest open. There is a little nook in the footrest that fits Frankie just right. He usually lies in the corner on my left but if I get up for some reason, when I come back I find him stretched out and I then have to sit at an angle.

About a year and a half ago, the pull cord that opens the footrest broke. I tried to contact someone at Badcock about it but I could not get through to a real person. I don’t remember why. It is probable that the wait time was an hour or more and I didn’t want to do it. By the way, if any company says that your call is important to them and then puts you on hold for more than five minutes, they are lying.

I did find an email address for them and sent an email explaining my problem but I never got a response. In the end, I drove up to the store, paid them over $25 for the part, and then had to wait over a month. If I remember right it took way longer than that. I think it came in after we went to West Virginia the first time.

I picked it up and put the piece on after we came home in January of last year. It was the most difficult thing I have done in recent memory. I almost never swear but I was like a drunken sailor that day.

Now, just over one year later it has broken again. Really, less than a year since we did not use the sofa for two months.

I went back to Badcock but the thought of paying twice to fix something that should not have broken once disturbs me. I tried to argue my point to no avail. I did find out that the sofa is an actual Badcock brand and it has a three-year warranty which means I was charged for the first part before the three years was up. I guess I will have to try calling them again.

In the meantime, I have to leave the footrest up and Frankie loves it.

Frankie’s Belated Gotcha Day

I forgot Frankie’s Gotcha Day which was last week on the 9th. Since his chart labeled him as three years old, I also consider it his eleventh birthday. Frankie was actually an early Valentine’s Day gift for my wife in 2014. she wanted a cat instead of jewelry that year. Rose’s previous cat, Puck, became my cat as did Frankie, eventually, which is why we got Floki but I’m getting ahead of myself.

You can read about Frankie’s adoption here. I also posted several photos of Frankie in two posts three years later. See the first one here. I won’t repeat those here but I do want to show some newer photos of Frankie as well as one photo from day one that I forgot about.

Here is Frankie on his first day with a blanket in his mouth.

I thought that habit developed later.

Here he is in 2017 on one of his walks that he loves.

cat looking up tree

Here he is with Floki enjoying the catio we built at a previous home in 2018, days before Puck died.

cute cats on catio

Here he is after one of his many escapes. He uses vehicles to make it difficult for me to catch him. If I get close, he simply backs up where I can’t reach him.

I always consider Chris to be the touchy-feely cat but Frankie has his moments. Here he is with Puck.

We usually see Frankie stretched out.

But sometimes he likes to curl up into a ball.

We are very happy we adopted Frankie and I think he is happy too.

A Day of Double Remembrance

The day after Valentine’s day is not a good day for memories. In February of 1999, I was informed that my father, who had been receiving treatment for colon cancer on and off for the previous three and a half years, was not doing well. I was on a plane to Chicago a couple of days later.

I arrived on a Friday and my dad seemed okay then but he was worse on Saturday. Valintine’s day was the next day and I thought about getting him a Valentine’s Day card for him to give to my mom. I didn’t have a car so the thought never turned into action but I regret not making the effort.

When I spoke to my sister that day I thought about telling her to cancel her tickets for next month and get on a plane tomorrow. I thought about it but didn’t do it because I had no idea how long my father had left on this Earth. I regret that too because by Monday he was gone.

Recently my mother brought some old photos to me and I would like to share some of my father, Charles Huss Sr.

Here he is back in the 60s. I’m not sure when this was taken but it is possibly before I was born.

Here he is with my mom in 1973.

Here is our family on Dad’s parent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary on New Years Day, 1986.

Here he is in 1994 at my parent’s second home on Pine Island, near Fort Meyer’s, Florida. I helped him plant that tree a few years earlier after he fished a couple of coconuts out of the water.

Finally, here he is in June of 1997 with my mom at my cousin’s wedding.

In 2018, also on the day after Valentine’s day, we lost our sweet boy Puck. You can read my post about it here. My father just turned 59 and Puck had not reached six years old. Both died way too young.

Puck came to us as a kitten after abbey died in 2012. Chris took to him right away and seemed to act like a father figure to him.

Chris greets Puck on his first day as he comes out from under the bed for food.

When Puck was young he would hang out with my wife while she was getting ready for work. Sometimes he would chase a Qtip and then bring them back to her so she could throw it again.

Puck and Chris became close buddies.

Our cats Chris and Puck napping together.

They also played together but they were never mean to each other.

Eventually, Puck started having health issues and was at the vet a lot. He liked to hide behind me while we waited for the vet.

This is one of the last photos of a happy Puck taken on February 11, 2018, the day we finished construction of their new catio. Sadly, Puck did not have much time to enjoy it.

Thank you for indulging me while I share my memories. Despite the untimely endings, these are good memories.

Bully Bully

Yesterday evening Floki was sleeping on the sofa in Chris’s spot. Chris saw that, jumped on the sofa, whacked Floki until he left, and then lied down in his spot. I made a comment that Chris was a bully and my wife agreed.

This morning I was sitting up in bed enjoying my coffee when Frankie got on my lap looking for attention. As usual, when Chris saw that he immediately placed himself between me and Frankie. There was no whapping but Frankie doesn’t want to deal with Chris so he moves away. This was the scene a couple minutes later.

Chris has been this way since day one when we let him out of his carrier and he immediately took over the home, much to the chagrin of our other four cats.

Nurse Frankie

My wife has been sick since Sunday and by Tuesday evening I started to develop symptoms. I tried to get a Covid test on Wednesday but that proved too difficult so I tried again Thursday. It took three and a half hours but I learned I was Covid positive.

My symptoms have been relatively mild with one exception. I seem to get nauseous sometimes when I stand up for more than a couple of minutes. I didn’t know nausea was a Covid symptom but now I do.

Frankie has been very good about showing that he cares and is usually there to comfort me when I don’t feel well. They say a cat’s purr has healing powers. I believe it.

The weird thing is, other than the nausea, my wife has been hit harder than me and she is the vaccinated one.

Photo Friday: Minding the Fort

We brought our three Cardboard Cat Homes to West Virginia but only came back with Frankie’s house. We put it in the Cats’ Room where it was largely ignored until the other day when I saw Chris in it.

I don’t know why Frankie lost interest in it since he was on that thing every day for awhile after we got it. I guess cats are no different than people when it comes to getting bored with things. At least Chris likes it now.