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The Adventures of Chris, Frankie, and Floki – Written by AI

We want to wish all of our Christian readers a very happy Easter.

In case you were wondering how advanced Artificial intelligence has become, I did a little test. I asked ChatGBT to write a children’s story about three cats and then I briefly described Chris, Frankie, and Floki. Here is the story that was given to me.

Once upon a time, in a cozy little home, there lived three cats: Chris, Frankie, and Floki. They loved their comfortable life, but one day they decided it was time for an adventure.

Chris, the bold 14-year-old cat, was the leader of the group. He had always been curious about what lay beyond their home. Frankie, the 12-year-old cat, was just as brave as Chris and eager to explore the world outside. Floki, the youngest of the three, was a bit nervous, but he trusted his older brothers and was excited to join them on their journey.

One night, the three cats snuck out of their home and ventured into the unknown. They crept through gardens and alleys, their paws barely making a sound. As they walked, they saw many new things: towering trees, sparkling streams, and even other animals they had never seen before.

Chris led the way, his tail held high in confidence. Frankie followed closely behind, his eyes darting around in excitement. Floki stayed in the middle, sometimes hiding behind his brothers, but always keeping up with their pace.

Their adventure took them to many places, and they had to be clever to avoid getting caught by humans and other animals. They crawled through narrow spaces and jumped over high walls. They even snuck into a fancy restaurant and stole a piece of fish!

As the night wore on, the cats grew tired. They realized that their adventure had taken them far from their home and they weren’t sure how to get back. Floki started to panic, but Chris and Frankie kept calm and thought of a plan.

Using their keen senses, the three cats worked together to find their way home. They followed their noses and the stars in the sky. After a long journey, they finally arrived back at their cozy little home.

As they curled up in their warm beds, the three cats realized how much they had learned on their adventure. They had discovered new places, met new creatures, and tested their own limits. Most importantly, they had relied on each other and worked together to overcome any obstacle.

From that day on, the three cats continued to go on many more adventures, always staying together and exploring the world with their brave hearts and curious spirits.

What do you think? I don’t make any money blogging but I am concerned for people who make a living by writing. I think in five years the pay for writing jobs will decline because of AI. I don’t think AI will replace human writers but it will be used as a tool to make their job easier, and any job that is easy won’t pay much.