Photo Friday: Royal Portrait

This is Frankie, in his throne, posing with Chris, who thinks he is the king.

Cats Chris and Frankie posing for portrait.

21 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Royal Portrait

      1. Dennis

        Haha, pretty funny too Charles. I love memes. Added the URL to my wordpress reader. Hope this thing can also show non-wordress-com sites in the reader. LetΒ΄s see.

          1. Dennis

            Yes but selfhosted installation as I donΒ΄t get the top bar wordpress header with follow button and so, which is why I manually added your justfurlaughs site to the reader. You have a org entry and not a com entry in the footer. This means your other blog is not directly connected to the community cloud and people just can manually add the site to their readers. I did that but not sure if your posts of the other blog will appear in the reader. I hope so. Added a selfhosted blog manually to the reader for the first time now.

              1. Dennis

                Yes you get a lot of cool features. I installed that on my uncles selfhosted site too but I really miss the top bar with the follow button and as far as I know, the blogs will sadly not be visible if you for example search in the reader for articles with a particular tag like “photos”.. “cats” and so. I wish this would be possible too because then the blogs would be integrated in the great community and findable via the reader. I hope they make this happen some day with the jetpack. You can see this if you are logged in to this blog here and if you visit your other site after it.. there is no “follow”, “reblog”, “like” in the top bar while it is there on this blog here or any other blog.


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