Photo Friday: The Irresistible Suitcase

I took out my suitcase the other day to start packing for our trip to Germany but Frankie immediately took over half of it. I didn’t mind since I didn’t plan on packing most of my clothes until just before leaving.

Eventually he fell asleep.

I know the technical quality of these photos is not great because of low light and a moving cat in the first two, but I don’t think many people will complain.

As a side note, we are leaving today and will be in Germany for about ten days. That is why I have not posted this week and probably will only post once more before coming home. We will be staying in Munich and Stuttgart while we are there. If anyone knows any cool day trips we can make, feel free to share it with us. We have some ideas but nothing set in stone.


31 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Irresistible Suitcase

  1. franhunne4u

    Daytrips from Munich: Schloss Linderhof, the only castle Ludwig II managed to see accomplished.
    Do not try to get into Neuschwanstein – it is not worth the long queue. On a very limited time budget, try other things: I would recommend at least the OLD Pinakothek (old art museum),
    or, as it is too cold here now for the nudists, the Englischer Garten (a vast park).
    Schloss Nymphenburg has a beautiful park, too, and a china (as in porcellain) museum.
    If you like beer, you could try to get a tour in a brewery (they usually offer guided tours, there) – which offers free beers alongside the tour.

      1. franhunne4u

        Ain’t it always so? Sis and I will visit Japan next spring – and we will make a list (of the attractions we want to see) around Christmas and check it twice … and guess what – we might forget to take it with us …

  2. Aimee

    Your cat’s behave on that luggage. I am sure if my cat is lying on my Samsonite luggage, he will just play and gnaw it. I will just get cat backpacks but I am still thinking if I need it.


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