12 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Detailing

  1. Daniel

    This is so cute!! It reminds me of when I used to bring my gym bag to work, so I could head right to the gym after work. Well, of course one day my lovely cat decided to jump into the bag. And of course, I did not notice until I had gotten to work and heard some feint meowing… It took the office about a year to stop giving me grief for that one! On the plus side, it was the best day of work I have ever had!!!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is a funny story but it could have ended badly. I am so glad it didn’t. I once drove 50 miles to my in-laws and about ten minutes after arriving I went to the van to retrieve something and noticed a cat jump out the open window. Did he just climb in and out again or did I dive him 50 miles from home? 😦

  2. jebusandandrea

    Chewy doesn’t like cat grass. We,ve had him about a month and half. He doesn’t like boxes either. All mu other cats in the past loved boxes and cat grass. He,s a little weird to me since he doesn’t. He does like cat nip.


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