Photo Friday: The Detailing

In our house, when one cat washes another cat, we say he is getting a detailing.

Rose left for a business trip to San Diego on Monday and Chris and Puck settled in on her suitcase, perhaps thinking she would take them with.

cats on suitcase

12 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Detailing

  1. Daniel

    This is so cute!! It reminds me of when I used to bring my gym bag to work, so I could head right to the gym after work. Well, of course one day my lovely cat decided to jump into the bag. And of course, I did not notice until I had gotten to work and heard some feint meowing… It took the office about a year to stop giving me grief for that one! On the plus side, it was the best day of work I have ever had!!!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is a funny story but it could have ended badly. I am so glad it didn’t. I once drove 50 miles to my in-laws and about ten minutes after arriving I went to the van to retrieve something and noticed a cat jump out the open window. Did he just climb in and out again or did I dive him 50 miles from home? 😦

  2. jebusandandrea

    Chewy doesn’t like cat grass. We,ve had him about a month and half. He doesn’t like boxes either. All mu other cats in the past loved boxes and cat grass. He,s a little weird to me since he doesn’t. He does like cat nip.


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