Photo Friday: It’s bedtime

It’s bedtime and one of us has to throw the cats out of the bedroom. Even though the vote is always one to one, I somehow lose most of the time.

Sleeping Cats

Would you want to tell them they have to go?

Sleeping Cat


29 thoughts on “Photo Friday: It’s bedtime

  1. elizabetcetera

    No, but Mr. Schnoze biter has to say hasta la Vista unless you’re prepared to wear a face mask to bed every night. You don’t think you could spray your pillow with a citrus scent and wear Vick’s on you face to deter Chris’s nightly facial chomping?

            1. Charles Huss Post author

              Probably not. Sometimes if we leave the bedroom door open he doesn’t bother me until about 3 a.m. Sometimes he bothers me 5 minutes after going to bed.

  2. weggieboy

    One of mine loves to come in, walk all over me, swish his tail in my face, and find an exposed bit of flesh to knead. He purrs the whole time. Occasionally, he’ll lie down beside me, but mostly I;m getting kitty love while I try to sleep. I can appreciate why you might want to banish the kitties from your bed!

  3. Summer

    We get to stay! Well, actually my human’s boyfriend closes the door to us, but when my human goes to bed a little while later, we all follow.


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