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Photo Friday: Saved By The Pillow

I used to think my wife’s pillow collection was excessive but this pillow saved Chris from plunging three feet to the cushion below. It might have caused him to enter a state of wakefulness. That was a close call. I will never again doubt the wisdom of owning three dozen pillows.

cat napping

Photo Friday: Getting Ready for a Long Winter’s Nap

I hesitated to post another picture of our four cats on the bed together for the second week in a row but I couldn’t leave a cute photo like this locked away on my computer. It seems our bed is a feline gathering place when the temperature gets cold.cats on bedIt has warmed since I took this photo and everyone is back to separate napping spots, except Chris who likes to nap on top of someone.

Photo Friday: Napping in Chaos

We had furniture delivered last week so before it arrived we got rid of the old furniture and then pushed everything to one side of the room. I put one of the small cat perches on a chair next to the table to get it out of the way but that didn’t deter Chris. He still managed to nap on it. He even had his Kitty Kix Stick with him.

cat Chris sleeping