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Photographer’s Assistants

Rose and I have been trying to sell a few things on eBay these last couple of weeks and my job has been to take the photographs. I remembered I had a couple of white boards for matting photographs and thought I would use those for a background. I laid one flat and propped the second one at a 90 degree angle. Once I did that the cats were all over it like I just introduced them to a new kind of catnip.

Cats interfering with photo shoot

Bad Cat Chris interfering with photo shoot

Of course there was competition and conflict.

Bad Cat Chris staring down FrankieBad Cat Chris fighting with FrankieAfter a couple of weeks I needed to take more pictures and I was hoping the novelty would have worn off and they would let me do my work. For a moment, I forgot whose house I was living in.


Cats interfering with my photography

Cats interfering with my photography

Cats interfering with my photography

Cats interfering with my photography

Cats interfering with my photography

Cats interfering with my photography

Those Pesky Ads

When I started writing Bad Cat Chris, it was for the love of writing and I never intended to profit from it. However, when WordPress introduced Word Ads I figured, “What the heck. Maybe I can make enough to pay for hosting.”

It seemed okay at first. WordPress put a small, unobtrusive video after the post and if readers wanted they could watch it or ignore it. I soon realized that the revenue from these ads, at least my share, was pathetically small, so I turned them off.

Once off, I noticed they were still being displayed on my page. It turns out that WordPress.com will advertise on your site whether you authorize it or not. The only way to avoid it is to have a self-hosted blog. All my other blogs are self-hosted but Bad Cat Chris was my first WordPress blog (I actually started blogging on Blogger with Romeo Rooster) and I started it on WordPress.com because, as a novice, it was easier. It was also easier to buy the domain from WordPress than have to transfer everything to a new host. Anyway, when I noticed the ads were still being shown, I turned them back on. At least that way I would get a share, even if it is just pennies.

Recently I noticed that there are now ads covering the images in my posts. This is far from unobtrusive and there seems to be no way to limit the type of ads shown, so I turned off all ads again.

For the next week I will monitor this blog and I ask that you please help me. If you see any ads, please let me know what they are. If you see no ads, I would also like to know that. Thank you for your help and I apologize if you have been annoyed by advertisements here in the past.

Photo Friday: My Blogging Assistant

Working on a blog post can be quite a daunting task. It is not coming up with Ideas or finding the right words that are the biggest problem. The hardest part is seeing the screen or typing when a 12 pound cat is standing in front of you or lying across one arm and part of the keyboard. I’m sure many of you reading this can relate.

Bad Cat Chris and Chuck

Notice the keyboard is pushed away because Chris was either stepping on it or lying on it.

Even writing this post has been a chore. My little assistant has done everything but actually help. He started by lying on my right arm, forcing me to push the keyboard away and type left-handed. I then moved him to my lap, which sometimes works but this time he jumped down and started biting my legs. He then got up and decided to help me type. He is now back on my lap allowing me to finish this post.

As soon as I finished that last sentence he got up to stare down Frankie. He must have noticed I was done.

Photo Friday: Payback

A few times a week I catch Chris holding Puck down by the scruff of the neck. I assume he does that to remind him who’s boss. On the other side of the coin Chris will also lie down next to Puck and wash his face and ears. I think he expects Puck to do the same for him, and sometimes Puck does, but other times he gets up and leaves.

The other day Chris was lying with his head resting on Puck’s head. It was a very cute picture opportunity but by the time I returned with the camera, the cuteness was over.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck

What are you doing with the camera?

Shortly after I took the above picture, Puck apparently had enough of Chris invading his space and was holding him down by the scruff of the neck. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The student was now the master.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck

Just so you know… YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!

I noticed yesterday that Chris is sneezing a lot and I believe he is not feeling well, which may be why he is seeking a little more attention from Puck than usual. Last night he was on the couch again in what I thought would be a repeat of the other night, but Chris was a little less obtrusive this time and Puck decided to put up with him.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck


Chris Recaptures Routine

A several months ago I wrote about Chris’s Stolen Routine. In that post I mentioned that Chris had a morning routine that involved hanging out with Rose and bothering her while she got herself ready for work. That routine was taken over by Puck and Chris just let it go until we moved into our current home. Now, Chris is back up on the counter every morning interfering with Rose’s routine.

Bad Cat Chris on bathroom counter.

Chris taking up valuable counter space while Puck is back to jealous spectator.

This time around Puck is not able to intimidate Chris into giving up his spot. Unfortunately for Rose, the bathroom counter is much smaller that it was in our last home so it is even more difficult for her to get ready while Chris is playing with her make-up. He even knocked over a full cup of coffee a few days ago, soaking most of the counter, including her brushes.

As we were cleaning up the mess she told me that if I wasn’t around she would get rid of Chris. I’m sure that was the frustration talking because he is so darn lovable.

New People To Annoy

I mentioned before how Chris loves visitors and was reminded of this the other day when the exterminator came to our house. Nobody was home when he arrived but Rose got a full report from him later.

He said that Chris followed him around the house and was closely investigating everything that he was doing. He was there because we had a problem with ants but because Chris was sticking to him like glue he felt it was not safe to spray, so instead he decided to just put down some ant bait and hope for the best.

The exterminator is not alone. We have a cleaning woman who comes once a week and a couple of times I came home after she left and found poop on the patio. I think this is because Chris gets in her way when she is trying to clean so she puts him on the patio and closes the cat door so he can’t come in. Since there is no litter box out there, when he has to go, he poops on the floor. I don’t like that I have to deal with that but I know Chris and I understand the need for it.

I think it is very unusual for a cat to enjoy the company of strangers. If anyone reading this has a cat that likes strangers, please leave a comment. I am very curious.

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The Annoyance Strategy

In my last post I mentioned that we were finally able to close our bedroom door by putting plastic under the door and objects next to it that kept Bad Cat Chris from digging the carpet. That, combined with the fact that Chris now had a cat door to the patio, meant that we were able to finally get a good night sleep. He usually woke us up in the middle of the night with some whining and scratching on the door but we ignored him and he soon went away.

This lasted a week or two until Chris focused on a new strategy to open the door. Actually the strategy was old, annoyance, but the method was new. He started trying to open the door using the door handle. This particular door had a lever handle instead of the more common round handles. This made it easy for him to stretch and pull the handle down. The only thing that kept him out was the fact that this door had a slightly tighter fit that the closet door that he could open at our last home. It also opened in, instead of out and he did not have the weight to push it open.

None of that mattered though because I don’t think he was trying to open the door. I think he knew that was not possible so his plan was to get one of us to open it. If you think about it, he did the only logical thing he could do. He annoyed the crap out of us. Every time he pulled the handle down and let go, it made a loud noise. He would stand on two legs and flip the handle repeatedly.

I think he could only stand on his hind legs for short periods of time so there would usually be thirty seconds of handle flipping followed by a ten second break and then it would start over again. It worked. This was his ticket into the bedroom. We still locked him out every night but usually sometime between 3:30 and 4:30 the handle flipping would start and he would be let in.

Chris won that round but we humans were not going to let a cat outsmart us (again) so we did the only thing we could do. We installed a round door knob. Score one for the humans. Our victory was short-lived though but that is yet again, another story.

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