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Those Pesky Ads

When I started writing Bad Cat Chris, it was for the love of writing and I never intended to profit from it. However, when WordPress introduced Word Ads I figured, “What the heck. Maybe I can make enough to pay for hosting.”

It seemed okay at first. WordPress put a small, unobtrusive video after the post and if readers wanted they could watch it or ignore it. I soon realized that the revenue from these ads, at least my share, was pathetically small, so I turned them off.

Once off, I noticed they were still being displayed on my page. It turns out that WordPress.com will advertise on your site whether you authorize it or not. The only way to avoid it is to have a self-hosted blog. All my other blogs are self-hosted but Bad Cat Chris was my first WordPress blog (I actually started blogging on Blogger with Romeo Rooster) and I started it on WordPress.com because, as a novice, it was easier. It was also easier to buy the domain from WordPress than have to transfer everything to a new host. Anyway, when I noticed the ads were still being shown, I turned them back on. At least that way I would get a share, even if it is just pennies.

Recently I noticed that there are now ads covering the images in my posts. This is far from unobtrusive and there seems to be no way to limit the type of ads shown, so I turned off all ads again.

For the next week I will monitor this blog and I ask that you please help me. If you see any ads, please let me know what they are. If you see no ads, I would also like to know that. Thank you for your help and I apologize if you have been annoyed by advertisements here in the past.