Frankie’s Making Biscuits

Frankie has this very cute habit of holding a blanket in his mouth and kneading. He especially likes our fleece blankets. We have one on the bed in the back bedroom that always seems to be messed up when we get home in the evening. One night we even found the blanket inย the living room.

While I was up late on New Year’s Eve, I noticed Frankie was making biscuits on the bed. I don’t know how long he was doing it before I saw him but I recorded him for over ten minutes after I noticed him. Here is a shortened version of that video.

We call it “marching” in our house but most people call it “making biscuits,” “kneading,” “treading” or some variation. What do you call it?

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12 thoughts on “Frankie’s Making Biscuits

  1. Summer

    MOL! Frankie’s version is very marching-like. Can you believe I don’t really do this? I think I’m the first cat my human has lived with that doesn’t. Even Sparkle did.

  2. fozziemum

    Oh my ,…I laughed my head off over this…bless his ginger socks! hubby looked over my shoulder and said Frankie was almost making a croissant! bwahaahaahah..we call it making biscuits but violent ones haaah.Pickles used to always grab the dishcloth and walk off with it her mouth and drag it somewhere and make biscuits..she was always so awkward and bow legged trying to do it …gee they crack me up ..hugs Fozziemum


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