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Freddy the Office Cat

I brought Floki to the vet this morning to get his nails trimmed. The vet’s office has a one-year-old tabby cat named Freddy. He was the inspiration for me to buy a window bird feeder after watching him react to the window bird feeder at the vet’s office during a previous visit.

As Floki and I were waiting for our turn, Freddie jumped on the counter from the back area and then jumped down into the waiting room. We were the only ones waiting at the time and Freddy was very interested in meeting Floki.

There was no hissing or growling. Freddy was just being friendly and Floki was pretending that he couldn’t see Freddy. He kept looking the other way.

I think Freddy recognized the snub and decided to just lie down nearby.

Someone came then to get Floki and bumped Freddy with the door as she tried to get into the waiting room.

While I waited for Floki, Freddy played with me. He would grab my arm with both paws and bite me. They were friendly bites and I didn’t pay much attention to them at first but then noticed my wrist was bleeding. I considered asking for something to clean it with but then thought better of it. I didn’t want Freddy to get banned from the waiting room.

After a short time, he settled down on top of the scale, where his weight fluctuated between 13.8 and 14 pounds. That seemed a little hefty for a one-year-old but it didn’t seem to impede his jumping ability. Maybe his judgment was off a little, though, because he then jumped back on the counter like a bull in a china shop, knocking things over along the way.

Just then the vet tech came back with Floki and I paid my bill. While I was at the counter, I noticed a sign with Freddy’s picture on it. The sign read, “I like to play with my teeth. Pet me at your own risk.”

Office Cat

My wife is in charge of several apartment communities in Florida, Virginia, and West Virginia. One of the closer ones to our house is about fifty miles away. The manager there told Rose about a friendly stray cat that started hanging around the office. They decided to help the cat by allowing it to come into the office. Rose ordered several supplies for him on Chewy, including a litter box, litter, food, and toys. She visited the property last Wednesday and sent me these photos.

They named the cat “Gato” which is essentially the same as naming him “Cat.” I don’t think Gato cares what he is called, he is just happy to have people to love on him.

He comes and goes during the day, taking advantage of the many people who open the door for him. At night, he stays inside and someone comes to take care of him on the weekend.

One of the maintenance guys from the property came to our house on Saturday to help install two new windows in our house and I give him one of our carriers so they could take him in to be neutered.

From what I hear, he is super friendly so he is probably not feral but was someone’s pet at one time. I have seen this several times before and wonder how they become separated from their humans. I know at apartment complexes people sometimes move out and leave their cats behind. Sometimes they leave them inside an apartment with no food and water. I would like to think humanity is better than that and most strays end up on the streets for innocent reasons.

Update on Our Friendly Stray and Her Two Shy Kittens.

The stray cat and her kittens have become somewhat regulars at our house recently although their visits are still somewhat unpredictable. They seem to come between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m but some days I don’t see them and some days I do. When I do see them, sometimes it is just the mother. Other times there is one or both kittens with her.

I have learned that the mother is not feral and is actually quite friendly. The other day she even rolled upside down on top of my foot and let me rub her belly. It was very brief but It amazed me at how quickly she learned to trust me. She still hisses at me sometimes but that is usually when I come out with food. I think maybe she is not sure who I am at first.

I noticed one of the kittens has a darker face than the other. That one is shy but he does take risks while the lighter faced kitten stays in the shadows. The lighter faced kitten has a hint of tabby marking which makes her, or him, somewhat unique.

Below are a video and some pictures that I took Thursday morning. The kittens were here at 5:30 in the morning eating and then I noticed them an hour later playing on the other side of the house while the mom lied in the grass watching. Our cats watched too. They seemed just as comfortable at our neighbor’s house than at ours.

cat Floki Cat Puck Cat Floki

stray Siamese kitten

Notice the tabby stripes?

stray Siamese kitten

I wonder how the planter got knocked over.

stray Siamese kitten

I was late for work when this playing was going on which is wy the video is so brief but my wife says she was quite entertained watching them play for a while after I left.

This morning I was able to get another video that shows how friendly the mom is and I captured a funny moment when one of the kittens was torn between fear and hunger.

My wife talked to a person at the TNVR place and he said they only trap on the weekend and put us down for next weekend so cross your fingers that everything goes well. I just fear that we will catch one or two but not all three and that would leave that kitten alone and scared.

The Friendly Feral

My mother-in-law, Elaine, has been feeding several feral cats in her neighborhood for several years now. Currently she has about four, perhaps more, that hang out near her home. Sometimes we go there to visit and there is a cat, sometimes two,  hanging out under her carport. She has even been able to coax a couple of these ferals to come inside at least part-time. Her current cat, Pumpkin, is not too keen on an outside cat coming in and sleeping on the bed, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

We went to visit recently and saw a gold cat she named Benny and I was amazed at how friendly this cat was for a feral. It’s possible he was a pet at one time but that would be unusual since the pattern seems to be feral cats in that area. Thankfully, Elaine has done a good job getting the cats that hang around her house fixed.

Benny the cat

When we arrived Benny was outside and I called him over to me and he came willingly. He loved being pet and rolled around in the grass while he talked to me. It was a very cool experience to see a feral cat so happy to get a little attention. I recorded it for your viewing pleasure. Please forgive the bad framing. I could not see the screen while I was recording and guessed a bit high.

Benny does have a bit of a skin condition on his nose but Elaine is treating it with an ointment.

So what do you think of Benny?

Are Ginger Cats Friendlier?

I want to first thank Janet Blue from The Cat on my Head blog for honoring Bad Cat Chris with The WordPress Family Award. It is the third time Chris was honored recently and I am very happy to be part of such a wonderful family of pet bloggers.

ginger cats, Chris and Tigger

Chris and Tigger

Today I want to talk about ginger cats. I refer to Chris, and cats like him, as gold cats but Ginger seems to be the most popular term. They are also refered to as orange, buff and probably a few others. The common belief is that ginger cats have a good temperament and are more friendly and outgoing than the average cat. Indeed, Chris is a very friendly cat and our other ginger cat, Tigger, was also very friendly.

I first heard of this belief back in 2006 when Rose and I started our short jaunt into the world of real estate. Our brokers had five or six cats which were all gold. They told us the gold cats had a friendlier personality. That was not long after we got Tigger so we assumed the theory to be correct. But is it?

I looked it up and found it to be a very common belief. A few people even commented on this blog saying that their cat looks just like Chris and behaves like him too. I did not, however, find any solid evidence to support that fur color has any impact on personality.

Black cats, for example, are thought of as being unlucky or mysterious but any black cat owner, myself included, will probably say that black cats are just like any other cat. White cats are considered to be aloof or uncaring, but again, I have seen enough white cats to know that is not true.

I believe the concept that fur color affects behavior to be a myth but there is a possible valid explanation for why ginger cats are friendlier than average. This lies in the fact that 80 percent of ginger cats are males which tend to be friendlier than female cats. Sorry ladies.

This is not always true, of course. We had a male cat, Sneakers, that was somewhat of a loner and didn’t care about other cats. He would also bite and hiss when he was done with being petted.  We also had a shy but friendly female, Abbey, who was friendly to everyone but our other female cat, Princess.

Princess, however, hated all cats and only wanted attention from humans. Every cat is different and it is difficult to label them but I think, on average, males tend to get along better with other cats and because ginger cats are mostly males, this would correlate the perception that they are friendlier.

What do you think? Do you have a ginger cat that is friendlier than average?