Freddy the Office Cat

I brought Floki to the vet this morning to get his nails trimmed. The vet’s office has a one-year-old tabby cat named Freddy. He was the inspiration for me to buy a window bird feeder after watching him react to the window bird feeder at the vet’s office during a previous visit.

As Floki and I were waiting for our turn, Freddie jumped on the counter from the back area and then jumped down into the waiting room. We were the only ones waiting at the time and Freddy was very interested in meeting Floki.

There was no hissing or growling. Freddy was just being friendly and Floki was pretending that he couldn’t see Freddy. He kept looking the other way.

I think Freddy recognized the snub and decided to just lie down nearby.

Someone came then to get Floki and bumped Freddy with the door as she tried to get into the waiting room.

While I waited for Floki, Freddy played with me. He would grab my arm with both paws and bite me. They were friendly bites and I didn’t pay much attention to them at first but then noticed my wrist was bleeding. I considered asking for something to clean it with but then thought better of it. I didn’t want Freddy to get banned from the waiting room.

After a short time, he settled down on top of the scale, where his weight fluctuated between 13.8 and 14 pounds. That seemed a little hefty for a one-year-old but it didn’t seem to impede his jumping ability. Maybe his judgment was off a little, though, because he then jumped back on the counter like a bull in a china shop, knocking things over along the way.

Just then the vet tech came back with Floki and I paid my bill. While I was at the counter, I noticed a sign with Freddy’s picture on it. The sign read, “I like to play with my teeth. Pet me at your own risk.”


26 thoughts on “Freddy the Office Cat

  1. lois

    Ah, there is a lot to love with Freddy. I had to laugh at the photo of him right up to the carrier–so cute. That is a very nice carrier, by the way. I have an old hard plastic one that we’ve had for eons, but yours is much nicer looking.

      1. lois

        Oh, wow. That has got to be so much easier. Mine has the old opening on one end which, you know, is nuts. I wind up standing it on one end while my husband ‘pours’ the cat in. I am sure they just love that. 😾

    1. franhunne4u

      I have a hard shell carrier too, that is: I have two. And prefer those to anything else. There can always be an “accident” in the carrier and you don’t want any of that in the car. Did you know that there are hard shell carriers with both, a top opening and a side door? I got two different models which both can be opened both ways.

      1. Charles Huss Post author

        I have not seen a hard shell carrier that opens at the top but I will look for it the next time I buy one. I really need to replace Chris’s soon. He is too big and the carriers I have for him are not very good.

  2. 15andmeowing

    I wish all vets had a kitty mascot. Although, I am surprised they would take a risk with one that may bite.


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