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These Are Not Pussy Cats

Every time I clean the house, I can’t help being amazed at Chris and Frankie’s total lack of fear of the vacuum cleaner. I have shared videos like this in the past but, at the risk of beating a dead horse, I would like to share one more.

Who’s Afraid of the Vacuum?

I used to think that all cats were afraid of the vacuum, I even created a design related to that (see here). Sure, Chris was not afraid, but Chris has never been an ordinary cat. Last year I posted a video of Chris ignoring me while I vacuumed around him. At the time I thought it was impressive because cats run and hide when the see the vacuum cleaner. Don’t they? I’m not so sure anymore.

Recently I was vacuuming the patio and both Chris and Frankie seemed completely oblivious to the noisy vacuuming going on around them.

Where was Puck while this was going on? Under the bed. Maybe it’s a gold cat thing.