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Ultimate Scratching Post… Really?

Last weekend we were at Petco buying cat food when Rose decided the cats needed another scratching post to help encourage Chris to scratch on things other than her chair. We have plenty of approved scratching places in the house that Chris ignores but I figured it was worth a try.

We decided to get the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post because it was tall and heavy and seemed like it might be different enough to encourage Chris to use it. It had a hefty price tag of $80 but we decided to spend the money.

I put it together and Puck scratched on it right away but not Chris. I decided to sprinkle a little catnip on it to see if that would help but most of it fell to the ground where Chris and puck fought over it while ignoring the scratching post.

It has now been in our house for six days and Puck’s orientation scratch was the first and last time I saw a cat use the so-called ultimate scratching post. To add insult to injury, I just found the same thing on Amazon for $45.

Update (September 1, 2014): This scratching post has now been in our house for over a year. After publishing this post I moved it to a higher traffic area of the house and can report that it does get more use where it is at. It does not get a lot of use but the cats use it enough to justify keeping it.

Catnip Bender

I have a catnip plant that I have been growing for several months now. It has been outside all this time because the first time I brought it inside for the cats they didn’t seem interested in it. Yesterday I decided to try again. What a difference a few months make. I don’t know if it smells different now but the cats had their faces so deep into the plant that I thought they were going to get sucked in and disappear.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck attacking catnip plantChris was being a bit possessive of the plant and would whack Puck every now and then. When I saw how funny they were I ran to grab my camera. I wanted to also grab my video camera but the memory card was full because of my wretched procrastination. I snapped some pictures and took a short video using my Canon SLR but as always happens when shooting video with my Canon, I managed to screw up the focus. I am sure there is an auto focus setting but I have not taken the time to look for it.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck attacking catnip plant

Bad Cat Chris and Puck attacking catnip plant

After less than a minute the memory card on my Canon filled up too but I did manage to catch a bit of the action. Now I have so erasing to do.