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Frankie Versus Chris

I was looking through videos and came across one from December and thought that it was a perfect example of what happens around here just about every day. Usually Frankie and Chris get along pretty well but then, all of a sudden, there is a cat fight. This fight usually, but not always, has Frankie as the agressor while Chris defends himself while lying down.

I’m not sure how this lying down defense makes much practical sense but I am not an expert at cat fighting.


The Instigator

Floki is our resident fight instigator. Sure, all the cats will start fights occasionally but Floki excels at it. Often, Floki’s “victims”  turn the table on him and he will cry for help. I’ll usually just look at him and say, “You started it so you get what you get.”

The video below shows Floki picking a fight with Chris who just wants to relax on the cat tree.

Do you have any instigators in your house?

Tickets for the Final Four Cat Fight Tournament are Still Availabale

Sometimes it seems like all our cats are involved in a fighting competition. I feel like I want to sell tickets to the events but I can’t seem to get them to give me a schedule of events and I often can’t tell if they are just sparring or if a real fight event is happening. Chris and Frankie had a real fight event this morning but I didn’t know it was scheduled or I would have had a film crew ready. I did have to ring the bell and send them to their respective corners.

This fight was from last week. I didn’t realize it, but our cats have developed a modified tag team event.

Chris and Floki are fighting now. Get your tickets before it’s too late and the tournament is over.

The Tables Have Turned

When Frankie arrived at our home, alone and scared, Chris decided that he was the enemy and set out on a campaign of torment. We were very distressed about that because he did not do that with Puck and we were not expecting that kind of behavior from Chris. Nevertheless, whenever Chris got the chance, he would attack and, of course, Frankie would defend himself.

Eventually Chris warmed up to Frankie and gradually would not only instigate fewer fights but seemed to want to become friends with him. Unfortunately the damage has been done. The fighting continues but now it is Frankie that does most of the instigating while Chris seems to play a submissive role. Don’t get me wrong, Chris still thinks he’s the boss, but many fights with Frankie occur with Chris lying down while Frankie circles for a good spot to attack.

Our cat Frankie looks for a good spot to attack Chris.