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Tickets for the Final Four Cat Fight Tournament are Still Availabale

Sometimes it seems like all our cats are involved in a fighting competition. I feel like I want to sell tickets to the events but I can’t seem to get them to give me a schedule of events and I often can’t tell if they are just sparring or if a real fight event is happening. Chris and Frankie had a real fight event this morning but I didn’t know it was scheduled or I would have had a film crew ready. I did have to ring the bell and send them to their respective corners.

This fight was from last week. I didn’t realize it, but our cats have developed a modified tag team event.

Chris and Floki are fighting now. Get your tickets before it’s too late and the tournament is over.


Escape is a Team Effort

My friend was at our house on Sunday and as he was coming in Chris ran out the door. With quick reflexes, my friend grabbed Chris before he made it past the first stair. Unfortunately, the delay in closing the door was long enough for Frankie to slip out. That, in turn, was the distraction Chris needed to get away as well.

Chris usually stays close so I don’t worry too much about him. Mostly he just eats grass but he will wander away if given enough time.

Frankie is the one I worry about because he just takes off. I think he searches the neighborhood for fleas, at least that seems to be the result sometimes. If he is not going under homes then he is hiding under cars so I can’t catch him.


On this day I just gave up and waited until Frankie was ready. While I was waiting I retrieved Chris and put him in the house. Eventually, Frankie came out of hiding and I coaxed him to the front door. I didn’t want to scare him by trying to pick him up so I just opened the door and let him walk inside.

But wait…. As he was about to enter the house I could almost swear he had a look of surprise on his face like he thought he was about to explore a strangers house and found out it was his own. When he saw where he was he quickly turned around and ran off. Not long after that I found him too pooped to resist and carried him home.