The Instigator

Floki is our resident fight instigator. Sure, all the cats will start fights occasionally but Floki excels at it. Often, Floki’s “victims”  turn the table on him and he will cry for help. I’ll usually just look at him and say, “You started it so you get what you get.”

The video below shows Floki picking a fight with Chris who just wants to relax on the cat tree.

Do you have any instigators in your house?


21 thoughts on “The Instigator

  1. caren gittleman

    This sure makes me wish I had two cats! Floki is like the annoying little brother lol!!!!! Loved the video! Cody is our resident instigator………he is always starting with Dakota, not fighting, he just knows how to get him riled up.

  2. The Island Cats

    Floki is looking for trouble! Between me and Wally, we both instigate stuff…depending on our moods.

    Hey, you guys won our Petmate Jackson Galaxy giveaway! Congrats! Please respond to the email that we sent earlier today.

  3. cat9984

    Kommando Kitty here. The humans think that I start everything. That’s not true. Sometimes Snoops is so annoying that she forces me to do something about it.


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