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The Catfight of the Century

My wife and I were suddenly awakened this morning at 5 a.m. by the sound of the worst catfight I have ever heard. I sprang out of bed and opened the door to see Chris and Frankie going at it. I yelled for them to stop and tried to separate them to no avail. Chris then ran into the bedroom with Frankie on his tail. It was clear that Frankie was the aggressor so I picked him up to put him out of the bedroom but he scratched and dug his claws into me until I had to let him go.

Once he hit the ground he went after Chris again and I had no choice but to put my hands and arms in the line of fire again. I quickly picked him up and threw him out the door and quickly closed the door. When I say “threw” I mean “threw.” I was four feet from the door and didn’t want to risk further injury by walking him to another room.

I cleaned the blood off my hands and arms and put bandages on my fingers and then went out of the room. WhiIe I was making coffee I cleaned the water bowls so I could put one in the bedroom with Chris. I asked Rose to help since she was in the bedroom and Frankie was lurking outside the door. I thought I could quickly hand the water bowl to her while using my body as a shield to keep Frankie out, but I thought wrong. Frankie slipped past me and into the bedroom where he immediately attacked Chris again.

Rose tried to protect Chris with a pillow while I tried to get Frankie off him. I finally got Frankie out of the bedroom but my hands were torn up worse than ever.

cuts on arms

As soon as things settled down I brought a litterbox inside and closed Frankie in the Florida room, better known as the cats’ room, and opened the bedroom door so Chris could come out. He eventually wandered to where he could see Frankie and he started growling at him.
Frankie was growling at Chris too but you can’t hear it on the video.

I made an appointment as soon as the vet opened for Frankie to come in but they didn’t have an opening until 3:30. We didn’t know which cat should go but we figured the aggressor was more likely to have a problem. The funny thing was, Frankie was not being mean to Flokie and he was very affectionate to me. I sat in there with him for a while and he snuggled on my lap.

By 11 a.m. I noticed Chris lying on the spare bed and decided to close him in the spare bedroom and let Frankie out for a while.

Before I knew it, Frankie and Flokie were lying together on our bed. The comforter is missing because I had to wash the blood off it.

Rose is convinced that Chris is acting more lethargic than usual so we decided to bring Chris in instead of Frankie. I don’t know what we are going to do about the fighting. Hopefully, Chris is okay and this will all blow over.

Four Sick Cats

Our house has been turned upside-down lately with all the illnesses going around. I don’t know how it started. Frankie has been sneezing for several months. We even took him to the vet for it back in April but he never really got better. I thought it might be an allergy but it persisted through an entire season.

Floki had a slight eye infection when we got him and a day or two later I noticed him sneezing like Frankie. About a week or so after that, Frankie also had an eye infection, but his was worse than Floki’s ever was, at least since he has been with us. If that wasn’t bad enough, Frankie started sneezing more and had snot coming out of his nose.

We brought Frankie to the vet on Friday and they gave him antibiotics and eye medicine. The next morning he still looked bat but now he was sneezing up blood. I am not a fan of antibiotics but since that is what he got we wanted to give it a few days to see if it would start working.

Also during the weekend, Puck developed an eye infection so we started putting Frankie’s eye medication on both Puck and Flokie as well as Frankie. Chris was the only one who seemed unaffected… until yesterday.

Yesterday morning I heard Chris sneeze a couple of times. That was disappointing because Chris is our rock. He rarely gets sick, probably because he has never had antibiotics or steroids. Those things will really mess with your natural immune system.

By last night, Frankie still looked pretty bad.

20160718_Cats_2267 Frankie

My new job is working for a company that makes natural herbal health products. One of the things they sell is colloidal silver. I thought maybe I could pick up a bottle of that and it would be a good natural treatment for not only the eyes but it can also be taken internally to help treat the sneezing.

Unfortunately, things got worse overnight. Frankie spent the entire night sleeping on the rug by the side door. When we got up the next morning, the door was spattered with Frankie’s blood.

20160719_Cats_2268 blood on door

So Rose decided to call the vet when they opened at 7:30 and was able to get an 8:20 appointment. I had a chiropractor appointment so I was not able to go.

Later, Rose told me that “they just filled him with lots of drugs,” or something to that effect. She said they gave him steroids, antibiotics, antihistamine and probably anything else that was profitable for them. She did say Frankie gave them a very hard time when they tried to get a pill in him. Can you blame him?

So far this pat week Frankie has cost us $500 and they want to see both him and Floki on Friday for vaccinations. Rose’s sister says that Floki got some of his shots but not all. I don’t know what he is missing but I would very much prefer that both of them NOT get anymore shots.

When I got home from work, Rose said she was worried about Chris because he was very lethargic all day. He stayed in one spot on the cat tree, never coming down to eat, drink or use the litter box. He did come down when I got home and I tried feeding him wet food but he wasn’t interested. I decided it might do him some good to eat grass so I let him outside for awhile.

He went straight for the grass like I knew he would.

20160719_185022 Chris

I think that revived him a bit because he suddenly became adventurous and went around to the other side of the house.

20160719_190239 Chris

By this time he seemed much more perky an ventured into the neighbor’s carport. That is when I picked him up and brought him home.

By the way, I did buy the colloidal silver but things are complicated with all the medications we have. So we will put Floki’s eye medicine on Floki, Frankies’s medication on Frankie, and Caeser will get what is Caeser’s. Wait… I mean Puck will get the silver, and we shall see what happens.


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Frankie Update

Frankie Update

Frankie does not seem to have improved much, if any, since his vet visit on Friday morning. He started sneezing blood after that visit and that continues. His eye also doesn’t seem much better. In addition, Puck is now having problems with his right eye. We have been putting Frankie’s drops in Puck’s eye too but if it is a viral infection the antibiotic drops won’t do him any good.

Our cat Frankie

Frankie this morning.

Rose is going to try to get him back to the vet on Wednesday, a day she works from home, instead of his scheduled visit on Friday, if he does not improve by this afternoon. If that happens, she will use the Friday appointment to bring Floki in for the remainder of his shots.

Cats sure can be expensive sometimes.