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Frankie Update

Frankie does not seem to have improved much, if any, since his vet visit on Friday morning. He started sneezing blood after that visit and that continues. His eye also doesn’t seem much better. In addition, Puck is now having problems with his right eye. We have been putting Frankie’s drops in Puck’s eye too but if it is a viral infection the antibiotic drops won’t do him any good.

Our cat Frankie

Frankie this morning.

Rose is going to try to get him back to the vet on Wednesday, a day she works from home, instead of his scheduled visit on Friday, if he does not improve by this afternoon. If that happens, she will use the Friday appointment to bring Floki in for the remainder of his shots.

Cats sure can be expensive sometimes.



Frankie is a Work of Art

Recently, I started following a blog called One Drawing Daily. The author and artist, Thomas, committed himself to draw everyday to improve his skills.

I paused after writing that first sentence because I realized I never saw his first drawings and I wanted to see how much he has improved. After looking, I believe he has improved but he also started out 100 times more artistically talented than I am now.

Anyway, after following his blog I also liked his Facebook page where he mentioned he was taking requests for drawings. Naturally, I sent him a request and he responded yesterday with this beautiful drawing of Frankie. You may have seen it before on the post “Could This be the End of Outside¬†Adventures?
2015_04_29 Frankie - Drawn by Thomas from onedrawingdaily dot comI think it is a beautiful rendition. What do you think? If you like it, perhaps you can leave a comment on his post here as well. Just for a reference, I have included the original photo below.

Our cat Frankie under a car