Floki Loves Chris

Since adopting Chris, no cat has gone to him for attention until we adopted Floki. I have always seen Chris seeking attention from others but not the other way around. Puck may have occasionally gone to Chris but not enough to be memorable.

It makes me feel good now to see Floki seeking attention from Chris. I probably shouldn’t be thinking of this in human terms but I imagine sending a child to school but that child has a hard time making friends. Then a new student shows up with a funny Viking name that wants to be your child’s friend. I think any parent would be happy about that, assuming the new child is not a psycho. Floki may be a little weird sometimes but he certainly is not a psycho.


31 thoughts on “Floki Loves Chris

  1. onespoiledcat

    I imagine Chris is thrilled to have Floki coming to him – Chris loves to be CLOSE and if Floki does too they are a good match! Chris gets his “cuddly cat pillow” and Floki gets the same. Great arrangement we think!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Doug Thomas

    Love Chris’ expression! Like people, some cats just are pickier about the company they keep, and it is a happy day when you see they found that one kitty they can be around with and be content. Floki must have some special powers Chris finds agreeable!

      1. Doug Thomas

        The late Dougy and Andy, aside from being brothers, got along 99.9% of the time. They have a brother and sister that went to a South Dakota family that hate, hate, hate each other. I got the good kittens!


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