Photo Friday: The Moth Hunter

Our house is relatively free of bugs partly because we have cats. Chris used to be a great bug catcher but now the duty is performed quite well by Floki. Here he is waiting patiently for a moth to make a mistake.

I don’t think he got the moth that time but I didn’t see it after that so he probably got it after we went to bed. Does anyone else have good bug hunters living with you?


42 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Moth Hunter

  1. onespoiledcat

    That face!!!! Floki looks like he’s hypnotized by the bug….hahahaha Teddy loves to chase bugs outside – especially dragonflies and butterflies but we don’t have bugs in the house (unless we do but he gets them before WE see them!!).


  2. lois

    Living in Florida, you know the bane of roaches. Waking up to one on the floor, on its back, legs up, means my three girls had a fun time during the night playing with it.
    Floki looks bound and determined, but that lamp..!! I like it!! Is it turtles all around it?

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I see the occasional dead cockroach when I get up in the morning. Often it is by the water bowl. Perhaps catching bugs makes Floki thirsty. There is only one turtle on the lamp.

      1. Charles Huss Post author

        I call Palmetto bugs cockroaches but that is usually what I see. Those usually come in from outside so seeing an occasional Palmetto bug is not an issue but if you see the smaller German Cockroaches, that usually means you have a problem.

        1. The Hinoeuma

          I’m in Central NC. We got nasty roaches, too. I don’t think there is a US state that doesn’t have roaches.

          I’ve never actually seen a Palmetto bug close up…just pictures.

  3. Summer

    My human says that Sparkle was an expert moth hunter! I’m pretty lousy at catching anything. I always need my human’s help. She’s caught more lizards and rats since I came to live here than she could ever have imagined!

  4. Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb

    We ALL used to be terrific bug hunters, but now that it is summer and there is an overabundance of Moles and Voles and Mice, we have become rodent exterminators. Even our neighbors are happy with our skills! Mr D and the Mayor give us treats when we present them with their carcasses.

  5. The Hinoeuma

    I have referred to Ollie as my bug hunter extraordinaire. I find bugs in pieces. Then, he played with a yellow-legged centipede, that somehow got in the house. I think it spit at him and he jumped back. It scared me a bit because those things can be poisonous. He acted like it stung him a bit. He threw up a couple of times and was lethargic for a couple of days.

    He still goes after bugs…flies, stinkbugs, the occasional roach/water bug, the green flying things with green wings…

    I love that lamp!

  6. iamthesunking

    Does Floki do the bird-chatter sound at bugs? Le Roi does, which is super-handy when we have food around as we know to cover it up. In fact, we often leave him in charge of the cheese board if we have to leave the room, knowing that he will alert us to any intruders.

  7. cat9984

    These cats aren’t very interested in bugs. But their predecessor Critter could catch anything with wings. Moths were her favorite. The crunching was a little disconcerting

  8. Timmy Tomcat

    Chris, Chuck and Family
    Thanks so much for your kind words when I left for the bridge. We have so much fun visiting you it has made me so happy over the past years. The family will continue to visit as I watch from heaven
    Love you Friends
    Timmy Tomcat and Family


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