Photo Friday: In-Line Napping

I have accumulated a ton of photos lately of our cats napping together on our bed, which has become a very popular napping destination.

Where do your cats, or dogs, like to nap?


33 thoughts on “Photo Friday: In-Line Napping

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy sleeps at the foot of our bed, on the guest room bed, under the Christmas tree, in the “Ganny Chair” or behind it (!), but the favorite spot is BEHIND THE COUCH!


  2. Catwoods

    Awww, they’re so sweet when they’re sleepy. Franklin likes any place with a blankie, and he also makes hidden caves for himself. He lived outside with ferals and retains the habit of ultra secure sleeping.

  3. Dennis

    Cute 🙂 It’s difficult to explain as my cat has many different places to sleep. But her favorite is the human bed as well, or the couch in the living room… and sometimes her cat basket…. but as the basket is less used than my bed, I assume it’s a clear sign that she wants me to sleep in the basket lol. You know… cats need more space than humans lol.


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