Photo Friday: Bedtime

Unfortunately, Chris is way too annoying at night so we have to close our door to all the cats when we go to bed. In Chris’s defense, he is only part of the problem. Frankie will jump on the dresser in the middle of the night and make noise by scratching at the blinds or knocking something over. Floki and Puck are mostly good but now I worry about Puck peeing on the bed since he has done it twice already and pooped on it once.

This means that somebody has to be the bad guy and kick out all the non-humans. That bad guy usually ends up being me.

cats on bed funny


23 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Bedtime

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy is a night-time active boy too – wants to play, run up and down the stairs, squeak in the hallway, leap on top of me, etc………..SO he spends the night in the basement in his sumptuous “apartment” down there with all the comforts of home EXCEPT our bed! He seems to enjoy it though so we just don’t worry about it. That way we ALL get the sleep we need!


  2. The Canadian Cats

    We get to sleep on the bed but I can understand not wanting someone to pee or poo on the bed. That is a no no here too. Usually mom falls asleep patting us but there are nights she could do without us just great…..she’s told me a few times. mol


  3. indianacats

    They all look so cute on the bed but even I would also have to draw the line with anyone that goes to the bathroom on the bed!

  4. Deziz World

    OMC How pawful!!! How in the world do you sleep with no kitties? We wouldn’t know what to do and mommy would never get any sleep without us next to her. We would cry and cry and cry fur sure. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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