The Game of Escape Has a New Leader

Chris has always been incredibly good at escaping. At first, it was a real problem, but it eventually became clear that he wasn’t interested in going very far so I stopped worrying when he got out. Frankie escaping, on the other hand, was more of a concern because he is a traveler and I worried that he would get lost or hit by a car or something not so good. Luckily, his escape skills were not as good as Chris’s although he still got out from time to time.

Things have changed recently and Frankie is now better than Chris at busting through the door when I try to come in with groceries or other bags. There are a few reasons for that. One is that Chris has slowed down with age, he is almost 9. Also, his weight has climbed to almost 18 pounds. Frankie has aged too but he is a couple of years younger than Chris and he is still skinny. What has changed the most though is that Frankie has become smarter. He now doesn’t hesitate and sprints out the door as I swing it open and before I can put a bag down to block him.

Sometimes Chris and Frankie work together so while I block one, the other gets out. If that’s not bad enough, the distraction caused by one getting out is enough to let the other one escape. Then I have two cats to retrieve.

cats outside

Chris stays close and eats grass or rolls around on the driveway so I don’t worry about him. Frankie will also stay close for a short time until he senses me coming and then he is off.

cat outside

He will find a place to hide like under a car or a bush where he knows I can’t catch him.

cat outside

Sometimes he goes under our house or a neighbor’s house.

cat outside under home

I hate when he does that because it is impossible to coax him out and I believe it is where he sometimes picks up fleas. Also, our neighborhood has many rabbits that hide out under homes and Frankie has already shown himself to be a rabbit hunter.

The good news is that Frankie knows he has a good home and he will come back if left alone. Yesterday I was at Lowes buying something for the catio we will soon have built. I called my wife to ask if she would take a picture of the outside of the home and send it to me. When she did she also texted that Frankie got out.

It took me about a half hour to get home and when I did Frankie was on top of my wife’s car. When he saw my car he got very excited and was talking up a storm. I opened the door and he went right in with Chris at the door waiting for him.

Rose said she forgot about him being outside. That is the dangerous thing about waiting for him to come back. We could forget he is out there. Indeed, he got out earlier that morning and I forgot he was out there. It was relatively cold so when Rose reminded me I opened the door and he was right there waiting.

He escaped Tuesday morning as I was leaving for work and I didn’t even know he got out until I saw him running away after I closed the door. I could have just as easily looked the other direction and left for work with him outside. The funny thing was, he let me catch him relatively quickly but I forgot I had locked the door and my key was in the wrong pocket. As I struggled to get the key out of my pocket, Frankie jumped down and I was stuck waiting for him for fifteen minutes.

At least when the screened catio is built this won’t be as much of an issue. Does ay one else struggle with pets who like to escape?



20 thoughts on “The Game of Escape Has a New Leader

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy doesn’t get out when I open the door – I generally just block his way with my foot (!) and he stays away. He knows that I will take him out on the harness/leash “in my own time” I think – either THAT or he just “respects” my foot! LOL


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Puck and Floki don’t try to get out either. I put the harness on Puck the other day thinking he needed to get out but he freaked out so that didn’t happen.

      1. onespoiledcat

        I have no idea why Teddy never gave me a problem with the harness……I think he immediately got the idea that without it he would not be allowed out so he just never gave me a hard time with it. He was 11 months old of course when we got him but we don’t believe he was harness trained. Took me a few times to get him to MOVE on the sidewalk with the harness on. HAHAHA


        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I have learned with Frankie that you can’t get a cat to do anything. You just have to wait for them to decide. Sometimes you can speed up that decision by pretending to pick them up to bring them home.

  2. Summer

    Frankie is a rascal! My human has a friend whose cats she feeds when occasionally when she goes out of town. She gave my human all sorts of instructions about how to get in the house without one of the cats getting out because he too is an escape artist. Fortunately so far, my human has been able to get in and out without him making any moves!

  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    every cat in the land of trout has earned the label escape artist with the exception of dai$y; when the door opens, she runs the opposite direction and hides . I am fortunate in that I have an
    attached garage and 99.9 percent of the time, I go in and out of the access door..BUT…the garage door goes DOWN before I open the access door, because tuna is on the other side waiting to make a dash for it. He knows when I get home and howls until the door is open. I have yet to figure out the fascination with the garage, but I’m sure he thinks the same of me on
    multiple topics ~~ 🙂 ♥♥

  4. Robin

    That Frankie is a sneaky little fellow! I’m glad that he tends to return home safely. Manna and Dexter both like to dart out the door, but they never go more than a couple of yards from the door. They just want us to chase them and bring them back in. We don’t ever leave them outside. It is way too dangerous when you live in a place that is below freezing for most of the year.

  5. The Island Cats

    That’s a little scary. Wally used to be the escape artist here…but like Chris, age and weight has slowed him down lately.

  6. indianacats

    I live in Indiana and it is so cold here that the cats don’t want to go outside. They live in a barn and do go outside in warm weather. When I call they come running for treats. I think even if your cat ran off and you are mad you still have to give treats when they do what you ask.

  7. cat9984

    The cats try to go outside, but we have the advantage of an inside porch. I can bring all the groceries in to the porch before I open the inside door. They usually get sidetracked by the stuff in the porch before I go out.


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