Photo Friday: Jungle Cat

Here is Frankie during one of our walks when he felt the need to walk into the thicket. Perhaps he fancied himself to be a jungle cat.

jungle cat


24 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Jungle Cat

  1. Summer

    Binga does the same thing when she is out on her leash! Of course, everything has turned brown here and been cleared away to please the fire department, so thickets are a little hard to come by right now.

  2. daisymae2017

    What was he thinking going into a thicket? A jungle cat maybe. Wouldn’t he have gotten stuff all over him you had to brush off? He looks so cute. He might even be saying, look what I can do or Who me-guilty? Never. HA-HA. Whatever his thoughts, I hope he wasn’t to bad to clean up.

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          Sometimes. It is normal for cats. It’s called a dust bath. When they clean themselves they ingest bacteria and it’s actually supposed to be good for them.


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