Copy Cats

Our kitten Floki is not much of a Copy Cat like our other boys were. He seems to do his own thing.

Bad Cat Chris

One again it seems that history is repeating itself. When we adopted Puck he quickly learned some of Chris’s bad behaviors. For example, Chris would jump on top of the cabinets. Puck watched him do this for several weeks, perhaps longer and eventually learned to get up there himself.

Chris on kitchen babinet

Bad Cat Chris and Puck on top of the Cabinets

Chris also liked to hang out on top of the China Cabinet and soon Puck was up there too.

Our cat Chris on top of the China cabinet.

Our cat Puck on china cabinet

Puck eventually developed his own favorite places to hang out and now our new cat Frankie is following in his footsteps. First Frankie decided he liked lying on the couch where he could look out the window. That happens to be a favorite spot of Puck’s but it probably doesn’t really qualify because it is a naturally good spot and Chris likes it too.

Bad Cat Chris and PuckOur cat Frankie on couchThere is also what has become known as “Puck’s Perch.” It is the ledge between the kitchen and…

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7 thoughts on “Copy Cats

  1. Summer

    Boodie is our big copycat here… although I have to hand (paw?) it to Binga for learning how to walk on a leash (at the age of 15) by watching me!


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