Photo Friday: Chris Undercover

All our cats love to be on the bed when I make it but the reason for that is a mystery for Puck and Frankie. Chris’s reason is a little easier to understand. He wants me to cover him with the sheet or blanket. He is like a small child that likes to play under the covers. After the bed is made I have to pull the cover up so he can breathe. He doesn’t usually fall asleep under the cover so I had to make sure I got this photo.

cat sleeping

16 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Chris Undercover

  1. onespoiledcat

    Sam used to enjoy this bed-changing time too – especially playing under the blanket or quilt. Now that he’s a lot less active, he’ll sometimes just WATCH me making the bed instead of being “involved” !


  2. Carole

    He looks very cute in that photo πŸ™‚

    Sammie and Frodo love to help me to make the bed. Usually Sammie ends up inside the quilt cover and we have to tempt her out with cat treats.


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