The Cat’s Meow

After more than two and a half years, this toy is still our cats favorite. Admittingly, we gave away the one in this video to my sister-in-law and then bought another one a couple of months later. I usually take it out once every couple of weeks and it is like a brand new toy all over again.

Bad Cat Chris

One of my favorite customers came to see me at work last week with a present for me. It was an electronic cat toy called β€œCat’s Meow.” He said he ended up with two and since he knew I had cats thought I would have a use for it.

It took me a couple of days to get batteries but I finally got around to putting it together last weekend. It is a fairly simple concept yet it is amazing that nobody had thought of this before. The toy consists of a motor that turns an arm back and forth around a circle. At the end of the arm is a small ball and attached to that is a tail, or at least what passes as a tail. The mechanism is then covered with a round cloth so that only the tail sticks out.

I put it on…

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