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Tolerating the Child

Happy New Year everyone. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and wish you the best for 2023.

I hurt my back the day after Christmas and am still in pain six days later, although, I am getting better. Before I hurt my back, on Christmas Day, we enjoyed a visit from my son, his girlfriend, and the always entertaining grandson. Apparently, a few days earlier, his mother trusted someone to cut his hair that obviously didn’t know what she was doing.

Brayden is an active young man who turned three in October. Floki does not like the disturbance caused by the presence of a child and spent most of the time hiding. Frankie kept his distance and hung out on the bed. He gave Brayden a hiss or two when he got too close. Chris, on the other hand, gracefully put up with him.

I removed the audio but he was being instructed to stop almost the entire time. You can see where he was made to turn over his instrument of torment, only to go find another one.

Later, my wife showed him our slot machine, probably to distract him. I spent time with him while he fed quarters into the machine.

He would put two or three-quarters in before pulling the handle. I tried to explain that he was wasting his money to no avail. He did win the second-highest jackpot twice so I probably should have just shut my mouth. At one point, he had a hand full of quarters that he dropped into the machine, one at a time. While he was feeding them into the machine, he was counting. He made it all the way to fifteen before running out of quarters.

It has been a while since I raised a child but is it normal for a kid that age to be able to count to fifteen? I assume he could have gone higher if he had more quarters.


Photo Friday: Temporary Cease Fire

Chris still torments Frankie which surprises us because he never treated Puck that way. I think Frankie is not as willing to cede to Chris’s authority as Puck is so Chris must feel that he has to show him again and again who’s boss. It could also be that Chris wants to show us how bad of a cat he can be. Sometimes though, there is peace in the house.

Frankie and Bad Cat Chris