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Adventures in Cat-Sitting

Bad Cat Chris on chairMy wife and I went away over the weekend for our seventeenth anniversary and our wonderful friend and cat-sitter, Lynn, stopped by twice a day to take care of our cats. She is good because she spends a little time playing with them and she also sends us pictures as well.

Our two gold cats, Chris and Frankie, are never shy around strangers. Even though Lynn is not a stranger, she is also not a common person in our house.

Chris loves everyone. Darth Vader could walk through the door and Chris would want to greet him.

Frankie is almost like Chris. He had no problem rolling on his back to show Lynn his belly.

cat Frankie looking cute

Puck is our shyest cat but he knows Lynn pretty good and had no problem leaving poop on the floor for her to clean up… twice. Puck also cannot get on the china cabinet without first jumping on my shoulders or Rose’s. He has us trained to know when he wants to get up there. He does not have lynn trained so it came as a surprise to her when she bent over to pick up the water bowl and Puck used her as a springboard. I would guess he is comfortable with her.

Cat Puck on cabinet

Floki has met Lynn but he is less familiar with her and hid in the bedroom on her first visit. He did eventually come out because, after all, there are no food bowls in the bedroom.

Our cat Floki

Your turn. I’d love to hear about your pet-sitter.


Texts From the Cat Sitter

We had two of Rose’s friends taking care of our cats while we were on our cruise. Lynn would come in the morning and Nancy would come in the afternoon (or vis versa). Lynn took pictures and sent us updates throughout the week and while we were not able to receive texts most days, it was a relief to know our cats were doing well on the days we did see them, which was Saturday while we were waiting to leave, Thursday when we were in Puerto Rico and Sunday when we returned.

I copied some of the texts from Rose’s phone to share with you.


Thank you Lynn and Nancy for taking such good care of our boys. Does anyone else get updates from pet sitters like this?